Thursday, February 24, 2011

This week...Orders are received!

Sorry for the delay in posting, things have been extremely hectic around the Nagel household this week.

For the First round tonight we have the following match-ups.

1. Josh (DE) vs. Chris G. (DE)
2. Dave S (IG) vs. Matt B. (IG)
3. Steve S. (Nids) vs. Matt (SoB)
4. Albert (Imperial Fists) vs. Austin (Orks)
5. Charles (GK) vs. Brian (Sallies)
6. Dan (CSM) vs. Rich (GK)
7. Will (Orks) vs. Tedders (SW)
8. Rob (WH) vs. Glenn (Orks)
9. Brad vs. ?

Again these may be a bit off, and if you have a different match-up than whats posted here then that is fine.
Matches may also be altered if need be for the sake of playing a game if someone doesn't show, and there is an even number of people without opponents.
Simply roll to take the forfeited tile, and then issue another challenge to someone else without a game to play.

Same rules for start times apply to this week.

After the first round, no additional turns will be taken. Orders have been received from your Commands to assault one of the Hive Cities!
I will explain how we are going to work this after the first turn has been completed.
Next weeks gaming night will be a "Campaign Event Night" with the Hive City Tiles being awarded to the victors!

OK, I just got a call from work and I have to work next Thursday night. This leaves us with a few choices: 1. We can proceed as planned, with me giving you all the instructions for next weeks turn tonight, and filling in the blanks in a post.
2. We can reschedule the event to the following Thursday
3. We can see if the store is available to play on next Sunday

We can discuss all three options tonight, feel free to post your thoughts on the matter here.

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