Wednesday, February 2, 2011

We are getting close to kick off...

Okay guys,

This Thursday, dice will be rolling at 7:00 pm.

Here is what you will need:
1. All your normal gaming equipment
2. TWO copies of your list minimum, (one copy is for me) please ensure that your name is on the top
3. About 6 tokens or markers to use on the game board
4. Something to write with

While this Campaign is Free to Play, I am going to be bringing in a donation box. Even if you can only give 1-2 dollars a week it will be great.
I am going to collect the money over the length of the campaign and then purchase gift cards at Jester's Playhouse to use as prizes at the completion of the campaign.

Please spread the word, I know a lot of people are planning to play in the campaign but haven't been to the Blog yet.


  1. is there a specific spot on your blog you want us to post our army's back story, or just any where in the comments?

  2. I was unable to make it due to a prior comitment today but i am starting an eldar army and will have it painted by next week would i still be able to join even tho i missed this week =( i know in previous campaigns ive played in there has been rules that let you come in with no tiles and fight for other tiles. i guess let me know cus id really like to play

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