Monday, April 30, 2012

The Honey Badgers, a new Space Marine Chapter?

Yes, The Honey Badgers
You just gotta see this if you have a few minutes that you don't mind wasting

I don't know why I find it so funny, but it makes me laugh.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

40k Limbo,

Not so much the above, but more like below...

I just don't know what my next 40k project is going to be, I am suffering from a bit of Space Wolves burn out.  I tend to go through this every couple of years, and pick up a new 40k project for a few months to "recharge" my batteries.  No worries though, I never wander too far from the Fang, and always return to my Space Wolves.

I have done a couple of test models, thinking on a couple of potential projects.  First up is an Iron Warrior Chaos Marine.  I went for a very clean look to this model, figuring that Iron Warriors would spend a lot of their time caring for and maintaining their gear.  Even in the field

 I went for red as the secondary color rather than the traditional gold, as I feel it is a better contrast to the other metallics, and breaks up the model a bit better, besides that Red is the color of Combat Engineers in the US army, so what better color to put on these guys.  I think I like the look, and have played with a few lists on Army Builder, but have decided to wait and see if the rumors are true, and see if a new Chaos book is truly coming our way sometime in the near future.
In the meantime, I will probably paint a few more standard Marines for the Iron Warriors as the spirit moves me in an effort to get a jump start on the force.

Next up I have a couple of shots of a test paint scheme for my Elysian Drop Troops army.

I have been attempting to collect an army of these guys for years.  A couple of things have prevented me from ever completing them however (not counting the fully converted army that took 2nd best paint at the Philly GT 10 or so years ago) 1. Forge World is expensive, I have spent literally hundreds of dollars on these guys, and still have not collected enough of them for a full army, and 2. I really find working with Resin annoying. and 3. (okay, a few things, not so much a couple) the scale is off, more of a true scale model rather than the hero scale of most GW models, this makes converting difficult.

Enter Mantic Games , cruising the net for some conversion bits for my various armies has led me to this little company.  They have Recently produced a Sci-Fi line of miniatures which I thought may suit my needs and allow me to finally really get to work on a true Elysian Drop Troops army.
They certainly have the look I was going for, and the scale looks pretty close.  On a whim, I ordered the army deal, just Seventy Five bucks for something like 40 miniatures! this was a deal, price-wise you can't even compare it to Forge World.
When they came in I was eager to compare the scale to the Elysians, and I was not disappointed.  The scale is nearly perfect!

Above I have some side by side shots with the Elysian Drop Troops, real close.  I am betting that once I have converted them and have them side by side painted on the table top it is going to be hard to tell the difference between them.
So I will probably start working on some of these guys.  right now I only have 2 Valkyries and need to place a Forge World order for some Elysian Weapon Sprues, but I have enough to get me started, and I can add the units to my current IG army to start some play testing with some new units.

Of course work continues on my Marauders of Chaos army, I have finished painting another five Marauders and have enough assembled to start playing some small skirmishes of 5-6 hundred points to start learning this Warhammer Fagasy game.  When I get something done with them that is worth posting, I will certainly put some new photos up.

Well till next time,
And remember, Friends don't let friends play Grey Knights

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Stupid little game

I am hooked on this game, I love to doodle...