Thursday, February 24, 2011

This week...Orders are received!

Sorry for the delay in posting, things have been extremely hectic around the Nagel household this week.

For the First round tonight we have the following match-ups.

1. Josh (DE) vs. Chris G. (DE)
2. Dave S (IG) vs. Matt B. (IG)
3. Steve S. (Nids) vs. Matt (SoB)
4. Albert (Imperial Fists) vs. Austin (Orks)
5. Charles (GK) vs. Brian (Sallies)
6. Dan (CSM) vs. Rich (GK)
7. Will (Orks) vs. Tedders (SW)
8. Rob (WH) vs. Glenn (Orks)
9. Brad vs. ?

Again these may be a bit off, and if you have a different match-up than whats posted here then that is fine.
Matches may also be altered if need be for the sake of playing a game if someone doesn't show, and there is an even number of people without opponents.
Simply roll to take the forfeited tile, and then issue another challenge to someone else without a game to play.

Same rules for start times apply to this week.

After the first round, no additional turns will be taken. Orders have been received from your Commands to assault one of the Hive Cities!
I will explain how we are going to work this after the first turn has been completed.
Next weeks gaming night will be a "Campaign Event Night" with the Hive City Tiles being awarded to the victors!

OK, I just got a call from work and I have to work next Thursday night. This leaves us with a few choices: 1. We can proceed as planned, with me giving you all the instructions for next weeks turn tonight, and filling in the blanks in a post.
2. We can reschedule the event to the following Thursday
3. We can see if the store is available to play on next Sunday

We can discuss all three options tonight, feel free to post your thoughts on the matter here.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Thursday Night match ups

The official start time for Thursday will be 7:00 pm. Please feel free to start earlier if you and your opponent can both agree on an earlier start time.

There will be a 15 minute grace period, once 7:15 hits, your game will be forfeit if you are not prepared to play and your opponent will automatically win the challenged game, if he was there waiting.

Please have your list prepared for play, if we manage to get 2 games in this week we will be using the same list for both games, only adjusting points to allow for the difference in Tiles owned.

The first round will end at 8:20, we will then take our next turns on the board, and hit the gaming tables for our 2nd game at 8:45 pm. This is the game plan anyway.

Here is what I have for Thursday nights match-ups

1. Will (Orks) vs. Charles (Daemon Hunters)
2. Robby (Adeptus Arbites-WH) vs. Brian (Salamanders)
3. Brad (Daemons) vs. Rich (Grey Knights)
4. Josh R. (Dark Eldar) vs. Matt B. (Imperial Guard)
5. Tedders (Space Wolves) vs. Austin (Orks)
6. Albert (Imperial Fists) vs. Steve S (Tyranids)
7. Matt (Sisters of Battle) vs. Josh A. (Dark Eldar)
8. Dave S. (Imperial Guard) vs. Glenn H. (Orks)
9. Dan H. (Chaos Marines) vs. Chris G (Dark Eldar)

There are a couple of matches that I may have gotten wrong, as my notes were a bit confusing in my haste to get them done last week. If your match up is different than mine, then YOURS is the correct match up. This one is here just for reference, so that the other players know who is fighting who. This will make it easier to form alliances and plans of attack between games, but you know how intelligence sources can be...

I encourage you to tailor your list to fight your first opponent of the week, that's part of what campaign play is all about. Be wary however as you don't know who your second opponent of the evening is going to be, so if you tailor your list too much then you run the risk of not being prepared for your second battle.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

War has begun!

Dark Eldar Raiders invading, and pillaging...
The Inquisition on a search and destroy mission (searching and destroying Chaos of course)
The Space Wolves coming to the aid of the poor inhabitants of this system
The Salamanders investigating rumors of an ancient manufactorum which contains artifacts which must not fall into the hands of Chaos

As you can see the action was fierce, as battle raged all across the system. The Doareus system is under attack, and war is being fought on all three inhabited planets. Sentinel 3, Obscurus, and Thadeus are all raging battle grounds.

Alliances are being formed, and challenges are being issued.

After the 3rd Battle in our kick off round was fought, Tokens were placed, and Tiles were claimed.
The turns were taken and Battle will commence of Thursday evening!

I will post the Battle roster for turn 1 later this evening.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Basic Worksheet Layout

Here is the basic layout for the Campaign Worksheet.

I will be bringing about 20 copies with me tonight, and will have the file saved to my Geek Stick.

WH40K Map Campaign Worksheet

  • Player Name:

  • Army:

  • Turn #:

  • Number of tiles owned (+10 points ea.):

  • Space Ports (+25 points ea.):

  • Manufactorums (+10 points ea.):

  • Command Bastions (+20 points ea.):

  • Power Stations (+50 points ea.):

  • Shield Generators (+10 points ea.):

  • *Hive City (+125 points ea.):

*the Hive City bonus noted has the bonus for all of the other territories already taken into account

  • Wargear bonus:

  • Army Total:


Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A couple of quick notes

Okay, first a question came up in reference to the Manufactorum and Command Bastion Tiles.

The Command Bastion Tile only removes the wound restriction on models, it will not allow you to take monstrous creatures.

The Manufactorum Tile allows you to take Monstrous Creatures, these can have more than 2 wounds, however, the tile does not allow you to take non-monstrous creatures with more than the allowed wound allowance.

Thursday Evening, I am going to be stuck at work until 18:00 hrs. I am going to be leaving work and heading up to the store immediately following.
If any of you get there before I do, please go ahead and start setting up. All of the matches are posted all ready, and you should all have the mission.

If your opponent shows up early as well, then please by all means, feel free to start your game, this will allow more time for our Tile selection and our "first turn" game.

I am working on "Campaign Tracking Sheets" for all the players in an effort to keep record keeping simple. I will post a copy as soon as I am finished.

That's all I can think of now, I'm sure I'll have more to babble on about later...

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Army Backgrounds

This post is to give you a specific place to put the background information for your army.

Challenges and Smack-Talk

This post is for you to issue challenges to one another, make alliances, or for general "smack-talk" through the comments section.

Wow, what a turn out!

I have to say that I am overwhelmed by the turn out the other night!
17 Players! and not everybody showed!

So what does that mean for the campaign? well, we won't be fighting on 1 planet that's for sure. After some discussion after Thursday nights games it was decided that we would use 3 planets! That's right, we are going to be fighting over a small system.

Tomorrow I will be taking some spare tiles up to Jester's to work on the maps, and work on finalizing some of the rules for moving from planet to planet. I am also going to continue work on the special terrain that Rich has been helping with.

As we didn't get to finish all three rounds on last Thursday evening, here are the pairings for Round 3:

1. Robby-Witch Hunters vs. Josh R.- Dark Eldar
2.Brad- Daemons vs. Matt- Witch Hunters
3. Tedders- Space Wolves vs. Brian-Salamanders
4. Albert- Imperial Fists vs. Matt B.- IG
5. Will- Orks vs. Joshua- Dark Eldar
6. Charles- Daemon Hunters vs. Steve- Tyranids
7. Rich-Daemon Hunters vs. Austin- Orks
8. Dave-IG vs. Glenn-Orks

The game plan is to get in Game 3 and then immediately place tiles. We will then take our first map turn.
I will allow about 15 minutes to adjust your lists, and then we will play our first round games.

I have already seen some alliances being made, and some challenges being issued. Great stuff!

Last Thursday I forgot my camera, I will make sure I have it this week. Brian was kind enough to take some pictures with his phone, but they really didn't turn out so well.

So if your looking for some games, or want to help with terrain, I will be at Jester's Playhouse by about 1:00 pm...

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

We are getting close to kick off...

Okay guys,

This Thursday, dice will be rolling at 7:00 pm.

Here is what you will need:
1. All your normal gaming equipment
2. TWO copies of your list minimum, (one copy is for me) please ensure that your name is on the top
3. About 6 tokens or markers to use on the game board
4. Something to write with

While this Campaign is Free to Play, I am going to be bringing in a donation box. Even if you can only give 1-2 dollars a week it will be great.
I am going to collect the money over the length of the campaign and then purchase gift cards at Jester's Playhouse to use as prizes at the completion of the campaign.

Please spread the word, I know a lot of people are planning to play in the campaign but haven't been to the Blog yet.