Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Battle For the Hive Cities

Thursday Nights game will be played on 3 large tables.

Terrain should be placed as densely as possible, in an effort to represent the Hive Cities of the planet as closely as possible with the terrain we have available.

Cards will be used to determine order of play, with the "Joker" card giving the ability to take your turn at any time in the turn order (between players of course, not in the middle of someones turn).

Here are the table assignments:
Table 1: Brad
Table 2: Steve S
Matt B
Dan H
Table 3: Glenn H
Dave S
Josh A
Chris G

Mission: "Take the Hive"
The board will be split into 6 sections with each player deploying up to 12" on the board. All normal special rules are in play (Deep Strike, Reserves, Infiltrate ect.)

Again, Cards will determine order of set up and play.

You may Seize the Initiative as normal, if more than one player rolls a six to seize then those players roll-off, the higher roll gets to go first.

First Turn Night fight rules are in effect!

The Mission Objective is to capture as much of the City as possible, by conducting a sweep of the area, taking and claiming area terrain.
This is done by moving a unit into a piece of area terrain, claiming it by planting a "Flag" in the area, and then moving on. You do not have to stay in the terrain to control it, but if you leave another player may move into the area behind you and claim it for themselves.

Game Length: 6 turns or when time is called.

The players with the most terrain areas conquered at the end of the game win.

The top 2 players each automatically gain control of a Hive City. The next 3 Players have to roll to take the territory as per our normal rules, rolling against one of the 3 Hive cities that were awarded last week.

Please be prompt in your arrival, normal rules are in effect for showing up on time, so if you are too late, you may not be able to play.

I am stuck at work so will be unable to attend, Robby has volunteered to take charge of things and make sure the game gets up and running.

Good Luck...


  1. Here comes more Daemonic infestation.

  2. That was a different kind of fun. I loved having five other knuckleheads to jaw with during the battle. Thanks to the small forces, you did not have to wait long for your turn.

    We did not get to pick next week's opponant. People who are behind will be at a great disadvantage since they will not know how many extra points to bring.

  3. Results!

    Table 1

    Robby - 7
    Will - 6
    Tedders - 4
    Brian - 2
    Albert - 1
    Brad - 1

    Table 2
    Dave Serrano - 6
    Charles - 6
    Austin - 3
    Glen - 2

    Table 3

    Matt Beeble - 7
    Dan Harris - 6
    Rich - 2
    Josh - 0


    Beeble and Robby both now have Hive Cities

    Dan Harris, Rich, Dave Serrano, Charles and Will Millar need some sort of role off or game to determine which one gets knocked out of the running for rolling for a hive city.