Thursday, March 31, 2011

Important Campaign Rules Change

Games can now be played at any points level, this points level must be agreed upon by both players.

Also the Normal Force Organization chart is now in effect.

All other adjustments to Force Organization and bonus points still apply as per our standard campaign rules.

After tonight's games, "The Hive City Siege" Rule will come into effect when we take our map moves tonight.

Hive City Siege: Multiple players may challenge the same Hive City, forming a temporary alliance. Decide upon a points value for the game, just for example 1500 points.
You can then add the bonuses of the most powerful player in the multi-player alliance and add his bonuses for points to you attacking points total.
Divide the number of points by the number of attackers evenly, then each player uses his own bonuses for additional Force Organization choices.

The defending player builds his list as normal.
The defending player also gains the following bonuses at no additional points cost: Cluster Mines (as per the Space Marine Scout Biker entry) and Bolster Defenses (as per the Tech Marine entry)

If the Attackers win (choose one)
1. Plunder and Raze (split the spoils, divide the bonus resources gained by the hive city and add them to your roster sheet) The Hive City then becomes unoccupied and up for grabs
2. Make a deal amongst the winners, anything goes here, from forming an alliance to giving up territories.
3. Fight for it. The talks don't go well, and fighting erupts. Your HQs do battle, and to the last man standing go the spoils.

If the Defending player wins. He gets one blank tile from each of the attackers. Because of the resources required to set up a siege however the following additional bonus is gained: When securing the recently gained territories and looting the camps useful Wargear was found, each territory provides 20 points (for a total of 60) which can only be used towards Unit upgrades, Wargear, and/or Dedicated Transports.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

My next project, the Army Builder Series

Above you can see a WIP for my 500 point force for the Army Builder series of Tournaments at Jester's Playhouse.

For my next project I thought I would fool around a bit and build a new Space Marine army.

This army will focus on a couple of things I've always wanted to do, and some models that I just love, but are not part of the Space Wolves Codex.

Bring in the "Brotherhood of Steel" (name subject to change)

For my first 500 points, I am building an all Scout force.

Here is my tentative list, using the Adepticon Combat Patrol rules only at 500 points.

1st Squad: 5x Scouts, Sgt. has a Power Fist and a Combi-Mg. The rest of the squad has Shotguns
2nd Squad: 5x Scouts with Sniper Rifles and Camo-Cloaks, one has a Missile Launcher
3rd Squad: 5x Scouts, Sgt. has a Power Weapon and Melta-bombs, the rest of the squad has Bolters, one is equipped with a Heavy Bolter

Land Speeder Storm

Scout Bike Squad, the Sgt. has a Power Fist, 3x Astartes Grenade Launchers, Cluster Mines

500 points on the nose.

Game night, this week

Hey guys,
Just a note, I will not be at this weeks Campaign night this week. My son Chucky has one of the leads in the HS musical and opening night is Thursday.

Not to worry, war will continue to rage on. Robby will be helping to get things going, and you can play your games as normal, be sure to take another turn afterward so that we don't miss a beat next week.

Rules Change: You no longer need to roll a D6 to capture a territory. The winner of the game will automatically take their opponents Tile piece.

Have fun, and I'll talk to you all soon!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Battle For the Hive Cities

Thursday Nights game will be played on 3 large tables.

Terrain should be placed as densely as possible, in an effort to represent the Hive Cities of the planet as closely as possible with the terrain we have available.

Cards will be used to determine order of play, with the "Joker" card giving the ability to take your turn at any time in the turn order (between players of course, not in the middle of someones turn).

Here are the table assignments:
Table 1: Brad
Table 2: Steve S
Matt B
Dan H
Table 3: Glenn H
Dave S
Josh A
Chris G

Mission: "Take the Hive"
The board will be split into 6 sections with each player deploying up to 12" on the board. All normal special rules are in play (Deep Strike, Reserves, Infiltrate ect.)

Again, Cards will determine order of set up and play.

You may Seize the Initiative as normal, if more than one player rolls a six to seize then those players roll-off, the higher roll gets to go first.

First Turn Night fight rules are in effect!

The Mission Objective is to capture as much of the City as possible, by conducting a sweep of the area, taking and claiming area terrain.
This is done by moving a unit into a piece of area terrain, claiming it by planting a "Flag" in the area, and then moving on. You do not have to stay in the terrain to control it, but if you leave another player may move into the area behind you and claim it for themselves.

Game Length: 6 turns or when time is called.

The players with the most terrain areas conquered at the end of the game win.

The top 2 players each automatically gain control of a Hive City. The next 3 Players have to roll to take the territory as per our normal rules, rolling against one of the 3 Hive cities that were awarded last week.

Please be prompt in your arrival, normal rules are in effect for showing up on time, so if you are too late, you may not be able to play.

I am stuck at work so will be unable to attend, Robby has volunteered to take charge of things and make sure the game gets up and running.

Good Luck...