Saturday, February 5, 2011

Wow, what a turn out!

I have to say that I am overwhelmed by the turn out the other night!
17 Players! and not everybody showed!

So what does that mean for the campaign? well, we won't be fighting on 1 planet that's for sure. After some discussion after Thursday nights games it was decided that we would use 3 planets! That's right, we are going to be fighting over a small system.

Tomorrow I will be taking some spare tiles up to Jester's to work on the maps, and work on finalizing some of the rules for moving from planet to planet. I am also going to continue work on the special terrain that Rich has been helping with.

As we didn't get to finish all three rounds on last Thursday evening, here are the pairings for Round 3:

1. Robby-Witch Hunters vs. Josh R.- Dark Eldar
2.Brad- Daemons vs. Matt- Witch Hunters
3. Tedders- Space Wolves vs. Brian-Salamanders
4. Albert- Imperial Fists vs. Matt B.- IG
5. Will- Orks vs. Joshua- Dark Eldar
6. Charles- Daemon Hunters vs. Steve- Tyranids
7. Rich-Daemon Hunters vs. Austin- Orks
8. Dave-IG vs. Glenn-Orks

The game plan is to get in Game 3 and then immediately place tiles. We will then take our first map turn.
I will allow about 15 minutes to adjust your lists, and then we will play our first round games.

I have already seen some alliances being made, and some challenges being issued. Great stuff!

Last Thursday I forgot my camera, I will make sure I have it this week. Brian was kind enough to take some pictures with his phone, but they really didn't turn out so well.

So if your looking for some games, or want to help with terrain, I will be at Jester's Playhouse by about 1:00 pm...


  1. Brian and myself played each other in the second round.

  2. Yeah I forgot that my camera is only 2 megapix, not really high enough for minis.

    And yes, the Salamanders have already strategically sacrificed a scouting force to the choas deamons to gauge their strength and have found them... lacking.

    -Captain Brian Promethius Leichtnam

  3. I can't wait till next time see you guys in 2 weeks

  4. See ya soon Zach!

    I made a change to the match ups, lets see if that works...