Monday, February 13, 2012

I didn't quit 40k...

I haven't painted anything new for 40k in some time, as I have been hard at work on my Warriors of Chaos army.
I do however have the Colonial coming up fast, and have a slight change in mind for my Logan Grimnar led list. So I have 2 Dreadnoughts in their box staring at me awaiting patiently to be put together and painted. More on that later, as well as my planned list.

While my Thursday nights have been filled with Mordheim mayhem at Aetherstorm Games, I did drive up to Jester's Playhouse for a visit and a 2000 point one day 3 game event, which was being billed as a warm up for their upcoming GT.

I took my "grab and go" army, my Deathwing. I call it my Grab and go army for a couple of reasons, 1. is I have set lists which I play at 1500, 1850 and 2000 points with it, and 2. it's a compact army, quick to grab and run out the door with.

I ended up winning this smallish event yesterday, I think there were about 10 people in attendance, I ended my day with 2 wins and a tie. Beating Necrons and IG, and pulling a draw against Dark Eldar.

Above is a group shot, taken with my phone. Please forgive me if the pictures didn't turn out. I just got the phone the other day, after much pressure from my family to move into this modern age and give up my good ole' Nextel for an IPhone...

Above you can see my Chaplain, no conversion work here, just painted right out of the blister pack, I love that model.

Here we have Captain Vindicis, 1st Company Master of the Deathwing of the Angels of Vindication.
I know I have posted some pictures of these guys on the Bolter and Chainsword, but I don't think that I have ever put them up here.

the Link below will take you to the

Where you can see some more shots of my Deathwing, as well as Dark Angel models from other gamers, some of which blow away any of my own work...

Well that's it for now,
Thanks for looking!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Time for a list

2 posts in one day!

I've been working hard recently on my Warriors of Chaos army, but up to this point, I have just been building models that I like, with no real rhyme or reason to the units I'm putting together.

I need some focus. This first attempt at a list, is just that a first attempt, I fully expect the list to change at least a dozen times between now and me reaching 2500 points of painted chaos goodness (chaos goodness? really?)

Anyways, here it is:

Ted's Chaos list 1st attempt

Chaos Lord on a Manticore with the Crimson Armor of Dargan, the Talisman of Preservation, Gold Sigil Sword, Shield, and the Mark of Khorne

Exalted Hero on a Juggernaut of Khorne with the Mark of Khorne and the Chaos Rune Sword
Exalted Hero on a Juggernaut of Khorne with the Mark of Khorne, Battle Standard, Talisman of Protection, Sword of Battle

Chaos Warriors x18 with Halberds, Shields, Full Command, and mark of Khorne

Marauders x20 with Hand Weapon and Shield, Light Armor, Full Command, and the Mark of Khorne

Marauders x20 with Halberds, Shields, Light Armor, Full Command, and the Mark of Khorne

Marauder Horsemen x10 with Light Armor, Shield, Spears, Full Command, and the Mark of Khorne

Marauder Horsemen x5 with Light Armor, Flails, Full Command, and the Mark of Khorne

Chaos Knights x7 with Full Command, and the Mark of Khorne

as written comes in at 2482 points. I have lots of room to fiddle, and none of this is set in stone yet, so any ideas are more than welcome.

A few shots that look a bit better, (I hope...)

Wow, sorry those pictures in my last post turned out so bad, I knew they weren't that good when I took them but didn't realize just how bad they were until I saw them posted.

Hopefully these are a little better.

Above, once again we have a few shots of my "Blood Father" for our Mordheim Campaign. I also think he is going to pull double duty, acting as the Unit Champion for my Warriors unit. I think you can see the sculpting work better in these pictures, to give you a better idea of the look I'm going for with my Warriors. I really find the current GW Warriors to be too static, each warrior is a devastating Warrior and servant of Chaos and should be an individual with trophies and what-not. It's going to be quite a bit of work, but in the end I'm hoping it's worth the effort.

Next up we have my "Meduim" Cavalry unit. Marauder Horsemen, with Light Armor, Shields, and Spears. A unit of 10 with full Command, should be able to pack a little punch and be great for supporting the Charge of my Chaos Knights unit.

Below you can see my test model for my Marauder Horsemen, I am using the same limited color palette that I used for my Marauders, even on the horses. This does a couple of things for me, 1. I can paint the army quickly and 2. I think it pulls the army together, I have been attempting to really go to town, modelling each warrior in this Warband as an individual, and I feel the unified paint scheme is the one thing that will tie the whole lot together.

Here is a detail shot, everyone gets eyes painted in this army. Not so hard really with practice.

Friday, February 3, 2012

A Warriors of Chaos update

A little dark I know, but I snapped these in a hurry. Below you can see the start of my Chaos Warriors unit. The conversions are a simple kit bash. I enjoyed making them and am quite happy with the way they turned out, even if they aren't everyone's cup of tea. Just 14 more to build for my unit of 16 that I plan on including in my army.

Next up we have the start of my first of three Marauder Horsemen units. This first unit will be 10 strong, armed with spears. Again a bit of a kit bash. The Chaos Knight lances are doing double duty in this army, acting as Halberds for the Warriors and Spears for the horsemen.

Again, sorry for it being so dark, but here is a WIP of the paint scheme I have planned for my Horses. I started with an Army Painter brown as a base coat and worked up from there. I am sticking with a very limited color palette, that will match with the rest of the army for a strong cohesive look.

I saved my favorite for last, the "Blood Father" the Warrior Priest Seer in my Marauder Warband for Mordheim. he got his ass kicked steadily last night, but things can only get better from here. especially after I get some paint on him. took quite a bit of time to get the Bloodletter skull helm right and the sculpting work on the hair and beard, but in the end I am pleased with the results.

That's about it for now, time for me to get some paint on some of these models. I will have better pictures to post once I get some completed stuff up.
Thanks for looking and of course any comments or ideas are welcome!