Monday, May 28, 2012

Some Elysian Drop Trooper lists...

Ok, so I have completed assembling my second squad.  I will be priming it one day this week providing that the humidity isn't too bad. 

I should be all set for the Combat Patrol campaign my son is starting on Thursday nights.  A small force of 2x Veteran squads and a Valkyrie as a dedicated transport.  We decided to allow me to use the IA8 list, so that I can field stuff as I build it, allowing me to take one as a Transport (in the normal Adepticon rules, the Valkyrie would have too much armor and would not be allowed as a Fast Attack choice.)

I am currently planning on 2 Versions of this Army, one using the IA8 list, which will be my main list for local play and Tournaments that will allow it.   I have already spoken with Rich at Jester's Playhouse, and he is fine with it, and after a discussion with the TOs of the WFN GT in South Jersey, they decided they would open up Imperial Armor lists and equipment for their tournaments as well.  All great new for me! 
The standard IG list, I will be used for other Tournaments, the first probably being the Mechanicon.  (the Friday Night Vets Tournament, will feature the IA8 list).
Here is the list I have planned so far:
Hq: Company Command.  The Commander has a Plasma pistol, Power Fist, and Homing Beacon
Vet with Grenade Launcher
Vet with Vox
Heavy Bolter Team
2x Body Guards
Valkyrie Transport with Missile Pods and LC upgrade

Hq: Long Range Ground Scanner

Troops: 1st Platoon
Command: Lt has a Plasma Pistol and Power fist
Vet with LasCutter
Vet with Grenade Launcher
Vet with Vox

Sentinel with Multi-Melta (yes it is part of the platoon!)

1st squad: Plasma pistol, Vox, Demo-charge, Flamer
2nd squad: Plasma pistol, Vox, Demo-charge, Flamer

Special weapons Team with 3x MG
Special weapons Team with 3x MG

Troops: Veteran squad with MGx3, Plasma pistol, Demo specialists
Valkyrie Transport with the Missile Pods and LC upgrade

Troops: Veteran squad with MGx3, Plasma pistol, Demo specialists
Valkyrie Transport with the Missile Pods and LC upgrade

Elite: Sentinel wtih Multi-Melta

Fast Attack: 2x Cyclops remote control Demolition Vehicles

Fast Attack: Tauros Venator with LasCannon upgrade

Fast Attack: Tauros Venator with LasCannon upgrade

Heavy Support: Vulture Gunship with Twin Linked Punisher Cannons

I should be in pretty good shape, I currently have most of it purchased already, and am just waiting shipment on a single squad of infantry and the Tauros Venators.
I have yet to buy the Vulture, so that is on the "not sure if it stays" list.  I may have a go at converting one, shouldn't be too difficult.

Here is the list I am planning using the standard IG codex:

Company Command: Officer has a Power fist, Plasma pistol, and Melta-bombs.
4x Melta-guns
2x Bodyguards

Veteran Squad 1: 3x Plasma guns, Missile Launcher, Sgt. has a Power weapon
Veteran Squad 2: 3x Plasma guns, Missile Launcher
Veteran Squad 3: 3x Melta guns, Demolitions, Sgt. has a Powerfist and a Shotgun
Veteran Squad 4: 3x Melta guns, Demolitions, Sgt. has a Powerfist and a Shotgun
Penal legion Squad

Valkyrie squadron x3 with lascannon upgrades, and Missile Pods (carry the command, and the 2x Melta vet squads)

Vendetta Squadron x2 (carry the PG Vet Squads)

Scout Sentinel squadron x3 with Auto-cannons, and Hunter Killer Missiles

Storm troopers x8: Plasma guns x2, Sgt has a Power weapon and Plasma pistol

A much different list.  Of course those of you who know me will realize that this is all going to change 50 times from now until game day, but I always like to have a rough idea of the direction I am heading...

Sunday, May 27, 2012

A real update! (sort of) Elysian Drop Troops, a New Store and More!

 Man oh man, things have been crazy, work has been keeping me a little too busy, and has seriously cut into my hobby time.  I did however get a Saturday off yesterday, which is a bit unusual for this time of year.  I took the day to head up to the old Echelon Mall, in Vorhees, to visit a new store on its Grand Opening, Out of the Box, owned by my buddy Mike, former Manager at the GW Vorhees store.  What a great place, with lots going on, above you can see a couple of shots of the store, nice and clean with a great selection of GW, Dust, Flames of War, Warmachine, and some other cool stuff, by Gale Force Nine, Avatars of War, Army Painter, the list goes on.

To kick off his Grand Opening, Mike had a 2000 Point-three game, One day event.  I originally wasn't able to get a slot to play, as the event sold out quickly, but went up on a whim, on the stand by list, hoping to squeeze in and play some games.  A risky prospect considering it's an eighty-five mile drive but what the hell.  In the end, I'm glad I did, I was able to get a slot and play. 

I took my Death Wing, and had a great time, seeing some old friends, and some new faces.  The terrain was great, especially considering the store is brand new, Mike really put in a lot of time and effort to ensure his opening day was a great event.

I ended up going 2 wins and 1 loss, losing to my buddy Paul and his incredibly tough IG force.  I did however manage two wins, one against Tyranids and the other against Orks.  I also took the award for having the most Kill Points at the end of the Tournament, (Mike has a name for it, but I can't remember what he called the award).  Prize support was great considering the price of the Tournament, and that it was a one day event, I walked away with a nifty little trophy and a 25.00 gift certificate to put towards anything in the store.

 Above we have Belial surrounded by a Orky Dread and a bunch of Kans, Belial had an unusually good day yesterday, and wasn't behaving like his normal whimpish self...

I will most certainly be adding the "Out of the Box" Store to my list of places to visit for events, and day trips.

Thanks Mike for a great day!

Even though I have been busy, I have been managing to squeeze in a little hobby time.  Doing some work here and there on my Warriors of Chaos Fantasy project, and what has become my next 40k project, the Elysian Drop Troops.

So far, I have a ten man squad of Veterans painted, below you can see the paint scheme I have selected.  I know the picture quality isn't the best, but it's been so long since I've posted a real update, I wanted to get something on the blog to show.

I am currently putting together a second squad, and have made a purchase of some more FW stuff to try and flesh out the army.

 Next up we have the first of many Valkyrie Ships that will be in the force, it took me quite awhile to figure out what to do for a paint scheme for these fantastic models and in the end settled for a nice dark brown.  I got the base coat which is a spray from Michael's, it's by "Liquitex"  and is a water based spray which takes extremely well to GW paints.
I have also done a few conversions using the Mantic Corporation miniatures which I think have turned out fairly well, I will get some shots up of these guys along with some better WIP pictures when I have more time.  

I do want to thank everyone for reading, and I'll be posting again real soon...