Thursday, October 25, 2012

Tomorrow, The Mechanicon!

Well, I have just finished painting my Iron Warriors Army to 1500 points, and thought I would snap a few photos before I pack them up for their big debut at the Mechanicon.

I certainly don't think that they are my best work for a couple of reasons, I painted the entire 1500 points in less than 3 months, that's very fast for me, so some of the army feels rushed.
Also due to time constraints, I didn't do as much conversion work as I would have liked.
That being said, I am still very happy with the army, it has been a wonderful break from painting Space Wolves, and has given me a chance to experiment some more with free-hand work, and learning how to paint red.  Which I think may be very important for my next project.

Here are a couple of more pictures
 Above you can see my Terminator Squad, with some minor conversions making a mockery of the Grey Knights.

 I wanted to convert all of my cultists using Flagellants but just didn't have the time if I wanted to use the army for Mechanicon, so I painted up 20 of the models from the new boxed set.
Above you can see an example of a couple of the standard Chaos Marines in the force, there are only 15 of them forming 2 squads, but they set the standard for the army.

So, my son Chucky (who still isn't done painting), our friend Chris Hartman playing Dark Angels, and I will be heading out around noon tomorrow and meeting up with Jawaballs where I will try and get some revenge for the pounding he gave me on Friday night last year at the Mechanicon!

So Mechanicon is going to be great, and will be my first major tournament of 6th edition.  Truthfully, my list is quite weak in my opinion, but what the hell, I'm hoping for 2 wins through the weekend, and I'll call it a success.  I am guess my army is going to garner some mixed reactions in regards to its paint score as I went a bit non-traditional on a traditional legion.  One that has a strong following, I'm thinking some people will love it, and some will hate it.  But that is the chance you take when you try something new.

I am committed to this army for the year though, and this is going to be my main Tournament army into 2013.  I am going to be expanding it quickly to 1850 for their next big outing, but have not yet decided what to add, but that is for another post.

Till next time, wish me luck.
and Jawaballs, you had best look out, I have lots of Pie-plate lovin' comin' yer way...

Sunday, October 14, 2012

The Forge Fiend

Well, I am painting furiously, but I am right on track to get my 1500 points army of Iron Warriors done in time for the Mechanicon

Damn, this guy was time consuming, but a wonderful model

You can see in the photo above, that I gave up on painting all of the banding, though I did try and make it so that it looked intentional, rather than me running out of time. (and getting tired of painting red)
You know, I do love to convert models, but I'm finding more and more with Games Workshop that the model quality is such, that I feel like it would be a shame to alter this beast.  Maybe on the next one, I'll add some personal touches.

Hope you all enjoy, now I'm off to paint some Cultists, and get a practice game or three in...

Saturday, October 6, 2012

It's finally here!

Last evening I finally got my hands on the brand new tome of ultimate evil that is Codex, Chaos Space Marines. Oh, and a Forge Fiend a Warp Smith, the New plastic Champion, the Psychic power cards, and a Dark Apostle...(I hate finecast)

Okay, so right off the bat I'm gonna say I love it.  Yeah, I know I'm a GW fan-boy, and my opinion on such matters means little, but the book is beautiful with lots of cool options.  But you can get discussions on the new book everywhere and that is not the true purpose of this post.

What I really want to take a few moments to do is discuss the progress I've made on my Iron Warriors project.  This project has unfortunately been woefully short on W.I.P. updates, but I have made a lot of progress.  In fact I had reached a stand still and couldn't progress any further without the new Codex in hand.

Here is a short list of what I have painted so far:
5 Terminators
Land Raider
15 Space Marines
10 Cultists

Prior to last night with a WIP rhino and my Aegis Defense line with Quad-gun, I was fielding roughly a 1250 list (using estimated points costs for the cultists based off what I knew from the White Dwarf)

Now with the new book in hand I could finalize my 1500 Point list for the Mechanicon.  When making this new list I set myself with a couple of rules.  Firstly, I promised myself I would take all of the models that I had painted thus far to the Tournament, it's only about 3 weeks away, and I have no time to start from scratch.  Secondly, the Warpsmith is a must take as is one of the new Daemon Engines.

Taking that into consideration, this is the list I quickly drew up and am currently working towards.

HQ: Warp Smith
Elite: 5x Chosen Terminators.  2x Power Lance, 2x Combi-MG, Chain-Fist, Combi-PG
Land Raider Transport
Troops: 10x Marines with 2x MG, Champion has Power Fist and Combi-MG
Rhino Transport with Havoc Launcher
Troops: 5x Marines
Troops: 10x Cultists with Auto-guns and a Heavy Stubber
Troops: 10x Cultists with Auto-guns and a Heavy Stubber
Heavy: Defiler
Heavy: Vindicator with Siege Shield
Heavy: Forge Fiend with Ectoplasma everywhere

So, in an edition where people are saying armor is dead, I'm going to saturate the board with it.  Well if it doesn't work well it's going to be cool to play, and I think it fits strongly with the Iron Warriors, Warp Smith theme.

The Jump to 1850 will either be a pair of Hellbrutes and a beefing up of the small marine squad, or a Hellbrute and Hell Drake with a couple extra marines for that small squad.

Check back soon, I'm hoping to snap some pictures this afternoon...