Monday, June 25, 2012

WH40K 6th is almost upon us! and so is Dexcon!

Man have I been busy of late.  Above you can see what I have been up to the last 9 weeks or so, over 100 Police Recruits are preparing to graduate from the Police Academy on Wednesday, after which I am taking a much needed break from work.

I am going to be using that time to get in some serious hobby time, I plan on taking a couple of day trips to various game stores for some gaming, I am going to work on some projects that I have been ignoring for way too long, and of course I am going to absorb every page of the new 6th edition rule book!

6th edition is almost here, I picked up my copy of White Dwarf the other night, and have already read it from cover to cover.  It was really just a tease, as it gave me a little insight as to what was to come, but left me wondering how it is all going to fit together.

This new edition couldn't come at a better time, I am very bored with 5th, I feel the edition has run its course, and I am tired of playing the same old thing.  I needed a shake up, and boy does 6th look like its going to do that.

For those of you living under a rock, 6th edition looks to be bringing back quite a few old rules with an updated twist, it looks like you can throw grenades again, and that there is over-watch in a new form.  A new Force Org chart looks to include the ability to purchase Fortifications as part of your list (I can't wait to add some to my IG army) and the new Allies rules look to really shake up the Meta (if they are going to be allowed in Tournaments). 

Its going to be an all new universe, and I for one am ready...

Honestly, I don't know what I'm going to do, I feel a new edition deserves a whole new army, but what to choose?  I already have half a dozen projects going, the two main current ones being WoC for Fantasy, and my Elysian Drop Troop project the other.  Now with the new rules for flyers, I think my IG army is going to be a blast.  But I am going to need something brand new, to take advantage of trying out all of the new rules.  I guess I'll have to wait, and give the new rulebook a good read before I decide.

What else is coming up? Nick Nanivati (sorry if I butchered the spelling Nick) or should I say the "Dreaded Nick" is running the Warhammer 40k Tournament at Dexcon 15, a two-day event.
Nick is a very experienced and accomplished gamer, crushing all who oppose him all across the East Coast, this boy knows how to play, he also knows how a Tournament should be run.  I expect this event to put the "Grand" into Grand Tournament.
 I really wish I could participate in this one, but I just can't commit to the entire weekend, so I am going to make do with a day trip on Thursday or Friday.  The convention itself runs from 07-04 through 07-08 and promises to be a great event.
I am probably going to make my way north on Thursday to say hi to some friends, and check out the dealers room.
The link is below for those interested.

Dexcon 15