Wednesday, December 12, 2012

What am I going to do with this?

I excitedly picked up Crusade of Fire recently.  I am a huge fan of campaigns, even if in the past my attempts at running one have been full of issues, and mixed successes and failures.  From having too many players, to having to deal with power gamers, campaigns are a difficult thing to do correctly.

This time around though I promised myself it would be different.  Instead of running the group in conjunction with a local game store supporting it, I would run it more privately, with just a few like minded friends.

So, I spoke with a couple buddies, and while we are all eager to play a full fledged 40k campaign, it's that time of year.  By that I mean 40k while played, takes a back seat for a few months while I usually get my Mordheim on (those of you may remember my past years posts with my Rieklanders and Chaos Warbands).  I have gotten in a couple of games, but have been recently side tracked with terrain building and holiday season prep work.  As a Husband and Father of three, there is only so much hobby time in a week.

I like, err.. love the skirmish games that GW has put out over the years, and I haven't played Necromunda in some time.  So, with a new campaign book in hand I thought we would do the Crusade of Fire...
Necromunda Style! Sorry, too much?
There, that better?

Now my thought wasn't to try and replicate the whole campaign using gangs and experience from Necromunda and try to wage such a large scale war. 
I want to use the Crusade of Fire as a source book for all of our future 40k adventures, very akin to what you might have done with Greyhawk or Forgotten Realms in your old D&D days.

The Corvus Sub-sector is the perfect place for all sorts of campaigns.  A quick read of the background and I found where our Necromunda campaign would be.
Corvus Majoris, perfect.
Given the current state of the Sub-sector, this also gives my son a chance to easily integrate his Chaos Cultists from Dark Vengeance into our games and play a Chaos Cultist gang.

So, that was all the easy part.  I have been hard at work at Aetherstorm Games painting a variety of City Terrain, and building some more traditional looking terrain for our upcoming campaign.  Look for an upcoming post featuring some cool looking tables in the near future.

Now, I have to come up with some special campaign rules, paint a gang myself, paint up some NPCs, and decide upon a format for the News letter that keeps the players informed from week to week.  Easy right?

Shooting for a second week in January 2013 kick-off. 
I'm really geared up, this should be a blast, stay tuned for some WIP posts real soon!