Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Thursday Night match ups

The official start time for Thursday will be 7:00 pm. Please feel free to start earlier if you and your opponent can both agree on an earlier start time.

There will be a 15 minute grace period, once 7:15 hits, your game will be forfeit if you are not prepared to play and your opponent will automatically win the challenged game, if he was there waiting.

Please have your list prepared for play, if we manage to get 2 games in this week we will be using the same list for both games, only adjusting points to allow for the difference in Tiles owned.

The first round will end at 8:20, we will then take our next turns on the board, and hit the gaming tables for our 2nd game at 8:45 pm. This is the game plan anyway.

Here is what I have for Thursday nights match-ups

1. Will (Orks) vs. Charles (Daemon Hunters)
2. Robby (Adeptus Arbites-WH) vs. Brian (Salamanders)
3. Brad (Daemons) vs. Rich (Grey Knights)
4. Josh R. (Dark Eldar) vs. Matt B. (Imperial Guard)
5. Tedders (Space Wolves) vs. Austin (Orks)
6. Albert (Imperial Fists) vs. Steve S (Tyranids)
7. Matt (Sisters of Battle) vs. Josh A. (Dark Eldar)
8. Dave S. (Imperial Guard) vs. Glenn H. (Orks)
9. Dan H. (Chaos Marines) vs. Chris G (Dark Eldar)

There are a couple of matches that I may have gotten wrong, as my notes were a bit confusing in my haste to get them done last week. If your match up is different than mine, then YOURS is the correct match up. This one is here just for reference, so that the other players know who is fighting who. This will make it easier to form alliances and plans of attack between games, but you know how intelligence sources can be...

I encourage you to tailor your list to fight your first opponent of the week, that's part of what campaign play is all about. Be wary however as you don't know who your second opponent of the evening is going to be, so if you tailor your list too much then you run the risk of not being prepared for your second battle.


  1. Hey Ted, I'm supposed to be playing Josh Austin, not Austin.

  2. Hey Ted. Sorry to say it, but I probably wont be able to make it tonight. I'm sick and it's pretty contagious. It's been passing around all my friends and family. If I came tonight, I'd probably end up getting everyone there sick. I'd imagine everyone would prefer that not happen.

  3. Results for Matt B. (Imperial Guard) vs. Glen (Orks): Imperial Guard Victory, Tile (Manufactorum) Taken

  4. That is proof that you are tainted by Chaos, Josh. Inquisitor Covenant will cleanse your taint from all the planets!!!