Thursday, February 10, 2011

Basic Worksheet Layout

Here is the basic layout for the Campaign Worksheet.

I will be bringing about 20 copies with me tonight, and will have the file saved to my Geek Stick.

WH40K Map Campaign Worksheet

  • Player Name:

  • Army:

  • Turn #:

  • Number of tiles owned (+10 points ea.):

  • Space Ports (+25 points ea.):

  • Manufactorums (+10 points ea.):

  • Command Bastions (+20 points ea.):

  • Power Stations (+50 points ea.):

  • Shield Generators (+10 points ea.):

  • *Hive City (+125 points ea.):

*the Hive City bonus noted has the bonus for all of the other territories already taken into account

  • Wargear bonus:

  • Army Total:



  1. Hey ted since i'm not owning any territory what is my setup?

  2. Your points will be base 500 with 25pts per every tile your opponent out numbers you by.

    For example I have 6 tiles and you have 0. So you would have 500 pts> + (6)25pts = 650 army. Downside you have all of the original restrictions where-as your foe may not.

  3. Can i eventually claim territory? Or do i play the pest?

  4. This one is up to Ted as you aren't going to be there weekly. I'm not entirely too sure.

  5. It's going to be hard for you to take territory if you aren't there weekly Zach.
    But you are more than welcome to continue your raids from the Warp.

  6. The outnumbering system is cool because it encourages you to attack the strongest players because then you will have the largest advantage point wise.