Monday, September 26, 2011

My Swift Claw Tactica Article

Hey all, my Swift Claws Tactica article which originally was part of a thread in the Bolter and Chainsword has been posted in the Space Wolves Blog.

If you are interested in some insight in the use of Blood Claw Bikers in your Space Wolf army,
you can go check it out here: Swift Claw Tactica

I hope you all enjoy.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Blobs Park list, 2000 points

Well, I am still a little irritated at Irene for making me miss the Nova. From everything I have read, it sounded like a great event, I will be there next year.

To fill in the gap, I have registered for the Battle at Blobs Park Tournament, a rather large one-day event. Four games at 2000 points.

Should be a great time, originally I was just going to take the list I made for the Nova, but after a few practice games I realized I really wanted to get Logan Grimnar and my new Long Fangs pack in the list.

Here is what I have come up with,

HQ: Logan Grimnar
HQ: Wolf Priest on a Bike
HQ: Wolf Guard Battle Leader on a Bike with a Frost Blade

Grey Hunters x10 with 2x Melta-guns, the Mark of the Wulfen, Power Weapon, and Wolf Standard
Grey Hunters x5 with a Plasma Gun, mounted in a Razorback with Twin-linked Lascannon
Blood Claws x7 with a Flamer, and Power Weapon mounted in a Rhino Transport

The Wolf Guard
1. Terminator with Assault Cannon and Power Fist
2. Terminator with Assault Cannon and Power Fist
3. Terminator with Combi-Plasma and Power Weapon
4. Terminator with Combi-Plasma and Power Weapon
5. Terminator with Combi-Plasma and WolfClaw
6. Terminator with Combi-Plasma and Power Fist
7. Bike, Power Fist and Combi-Melta
8. Combi-Melta and WolfClaw
9. Combi-Melta and Power Fist
10.Storm Bolter and Power Fist

Elite: Wolf Scouts x5 with 2x Power Weapons, Melta-gun, and Melta-bombs

Fast Attack: Swift Claw Bikers x3+1, the Attack Bike has a Heavy Bolter, the Pack also has a Melta-gun and a Power Fist, the entire pack is equipped with Melta-bombs

Heavy Support: 6x Long Fangs with 5x heavy bolters, the Pack leader has a Power Weapon.

the list as written comes in at 1983, so I still have 17 points to mess with.
I usually list the Wolf Guard with their respective packs, but with Logan and all the Terminators, the actual configuration changes a lot from game to game.
For Example, in one game I had Logan attached to the Long Fangs to give them relentless, with one of the Assault Cannon Termies attached to the large Grey Hunter Pack. In another game, I put both Assault Cannon Termies in the same pack and had Logan Lead them in order to give them Tank Hunter all game.
The flexibility this pack and Logan gives to my list is a huge bonus.

I don't plan on winning all of my games, but I certainly think that this list will be fun to play.

I will get some pictures posted of the completed Long Fangs as soon as, well, I finish painting them...