Tuesday, February 15, 2011

War has begun!

Dark Eldar Raiders invading, and pillaging...
The Inquisition on a search and destroy mission (searching and destroying Chaos of course)
The Space Wolves coming to the aid of the poor inhabitants of this system
The Salamanders investigating rumors of an ancient manufactorum which contains artifacts which must not fall into the hands of Chaos

As you can see the action was fierce, as battle raged all across the system. The Doareus system is under attack, and war is being fought on all three inhabited planets. Sentinel 3, Obscurus, and Thadeus are all raging battle grounds.

Alliances are being formed, and challenges are being issued.

After the 3rd Battle in our kick off round was fought, Tokens were placed, and Tiles were claimed.
The turns were taken and Battle will commence of Thursday evening!

I will post the Battle roster for turn 1 later this evening.

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  1. ..., and the wolves consumed a mighty drink thereafter!