Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Necromunda Campaign Week 2, Phase 0

Week 2:  Selena and her Crimson Raiders (Kendell's Gang) having defeated one band of Chaos Cultists last week was full of confidence as they made their way into the underhive and encountered Murdoc and his Chaos band.  Selena and her crew were forced to retreat and lick their wounds.  Lost deep in the underhive with nowhere to go, Selena swore revenge against the Chaos Gang, and then encountered the Steel Brotherhood led by Brother Corbin.  Selena convinced the Steel Brotherhood that they were agents of the Imperium, and that the Warp Storms have lifted and they were here to save them (of course this was all a lie).  The Steel Brotherhood formed a loose alliance with Selena and the 2 gangs quickly made their way to where Selena believed that Murdoc and his gang were holed up.  Selena would have here revenge.

What Selena thought would be an easy raid however turned into a major engagement as a group of Chaos Cultists worshiping Khorne were found to be allied with Murdoc's band.

Battle in the underhive ensued, and the combined might of the Steel Brotherhood and the Crimson raiders chased off the chaos cultists leaving the spoils to the victors.

 Above we have the Ratskin scout of the Crimson Raiders taking the high ground
 The Chaos Magus was put down quickly by heavy fire power as he tried to respond to the sounds of gun fire in the Khorne camp
 a Ganger in the Steel Brotherhood quickly dispatches one of the Gangers of Khorne.
 Members of the Crimson Raiders providing cover-fire as the Steel Brotherhood advances
Murdoc and his boys move in, making an effort to support the surrounded Khorne gang.

When the smoke cleared, the Chaos Gangs fled to lick their wounds and return to fight another day leaving the territory free for the taking.  It was then that the true colors of the Crimson Raiders shown through as they turned on the Steel Brotherhood.
This territory would be theirs...

A second game was played as well, this time Chaos won out.  Things so far have been pretty even up.
My gang had a tough week.  I didn't win either game, and while I did get some pretty decent advances, one of my heavies died...
Oh well there is always next week.

Here is where things are standing after week 2:
Crusade of Fire: 3
Prophets of War: 4
Servants of Ruin: 3

Next week we have lots to do.  I still have 2 gangers held captive by the Sisters, Matt has one held captive by those bitches as well.
Kendell and Matt also have to duke it out over the territory from the game they won this week.
On top of all that, I'm sure that the newly formed Khorne cult gang is not happy with getting their butts whipped and will be looking for revenge.
Ah, life in the Under-Hive...

Monday, January 21, 2013

Necromunda Campaign Week 1, Phase 0

Well yesterday kicked off the first day of our Necromunda Campaign, and I do think it was successful.

We had six players, playing in one on one games on two tables, playing in a round robin style of play, this gave people a chance to take a break, work on models, update their rosters and so on...

Above you can see a shot of the main board, the Under-Hive in the ruins of Hive Primus, on Corvus Majoris in the Corvus Sub-Sector.

A world still ravaged by Warp Storms and separated from the Imperium for 1000 years.  Plunged into Civil War, small pockets of survivors make their way in the world, hoping that the Warp Storms will abate and that the Imperium will return to the sector and save them.  Others are trying to further the cause of the Dark Gods and have joined one of dozens of Cult groups, summoning Daemons, practicing dark magics and worse.

This is where our gangers live, fight, and die...
Below we have a couple of shots of the action,

 Above you can see my Son's Chaos Cultist gang advancing on the descendants of the Sisters of Battle that once protected the Shrines of Corvus Majoris.

Above we have the Heavies of Murdoc's Marauders of my Gang, taking the high ground with back up from a Chaos Sorcerer (Wyrd) and a couple of Gangers.
Below, Murdoc and his bodyguards advance under the Cover-Fire provided from above.
No one likes to be on the receiving end of my Heavies!
Taking the Bridge!

I didn't get a lot of pictures of the other players gangs this week, as the majority of them are still not painted.  Rest assured though, in the coming weeks I will post some full battle reports of the actions.

After a full day of fighting, seven games took place.  Grudges, enemies, plots and schemes have all been made.

Campaign Status? here is where we stand so far
Crusade of Fire: 2
Prophets of War: 3
Servants of Ruin: 2

I managed to play 2 games myself, and while I won both games, I feel I have not done much to further the cause of my Faction (the Servants of Ruin). 

I did manage to sway a Chaos Sorcerer to my cause, but failed to capture a Warp Gate which was to be used for future Daemon Summoning.  Kendell's Land Pirates, the Crimson Raiders also failed to take it though, so I still have a chance.

Those blasted Sisters of Battle (Escher) captured not one but two of my Cultists!  surely they will be tortured for information before being put to death, I must launch an offensive in an effort to rescue them, not because they cannot be replace, but because I don't want them divulging my evil plans to those pathetic servants to the Emperor, holding on to lost hope...

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Good news and bad.  Good news is everyone is pumped to get our campaign rolling, and the terrain is coming along nicely.
Bad news is, GW still hasn't gotten Chris his Escher gang.
That means we are going to push the campaign start back a week.  This is not such a bad thing, as this Sunday we are going to take the opportunity to run through some one off games to get our heads wrapped around the game system, its been years since I've played Necromunda, and I am very rusty on the rule set.

It also gives me another week to push out some terrain, as I already mentioned things are coming along.

Above is a snap shot of the table (well the left side where most the painted stuff is anyway)
Below is another view with a rough layout set up just to see where I am at.

And it just isn't quite a Necromunda board without some sort of sewage entry...
You don't realize how much terrain is needed for a good Skirmish game board till you start putting it all together. 

I am hoping to have enough done by Sunday that our dry runs will be on my new board, lots of work ahead of me today, and a quick run up to AC Moore, and Jesters Playhouse for more supplies.

Maybe someday I'll even get to work on a new gang of my own but in the mean time my Chaos Cultists will be assisting the Dark Gods in attempting to ensure that the Corvus Sub-System stays lost to the Warp, so that the Powers of Chaos can rule the system for all eternity

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Necromunda, the count down begins...

Well, in two short weeks, our adventures in the Corvus Sub-Sector will begin.  I am officially calling our Necromunda campaign Phase-0 this represents the time period that the campaign will take place. 
The Crusade of Fire book breaks the 40k campaign down into 3 Phases, with Phase 1 representing when the Warp Storms engulfing the Corvus Sub-Sector have abated.  In our Necromunda Campaign, the Warp Storms are still raging and the Corvus Sub-Sector is still separated from contact with the rest of the Imperium.
Corvus Majoris is the planet that our campaign will take place, below is a snap shot, and a brief background to get our players started.

 Our campaign background being set, our players choose their gangs.  Right now we are sitting at 6 players for our campaign.  Each player has chosen a gang that they would like to play, and a faction from the Crusade of Fire campaign book.  Players can choose to belong to the Crusade of Fire, the Servants of Ruin, or the Prophets of War.
1. the Crusade of Fire: those who belong to this faction still believe in the Word of the Emperor, and firmly believe that the forces of the Imperium will come to deliver them from this Hell, and restore their system to its former glory.
2. The Servants of Ruin: Worshipers of Chaos, those who belong to this faction are Cultists of Chaos, who wish to see the entire system taken over by the powers of chaos and have the system plunge into the depths of the Warp forever
3. the Prophets of War: those who do not believe that help from the Imperium is ever coming, or have lost their way.  Some are trying to forge their own Kingdoms amongst the ruins, and seek power and glory,others are simply trying to survive in this harsh world.

The Players:
1. Matt- chose to play Cawdor (Crusade of Fire), Matts gang firmly believes that salvation is coming and soon and are trying to see that the way is clear for the arrival of the servants of the Emperor
2. Chris-chose to play Escher (Crusade of Fire) descendants of a small Sisters of Battle Sisterhood stationed on Corvus Majoris and charged with protecting several Holy sites on the planet.  This they have done for 1000 years.
3. Mike-chose to play Orks (Prophets of War), Several thousand years before the Warp Storms engulfed the system, a small but not insignificant Ork Waaagh game to the Corvus Sub-System.  The Planetary Defense Forces were quick to respond to the threat and quickly put down the greater Waaagh, reducing the marauding Orks to small pockets in the wilds of the various planets of the system.  These Orks were hunted for sport, and as a right of passage for young nobles prior to their elevation into the ranks of the Officers of the PDFs of the system.  1000 years of Warp Storms have left the Orks to their own devices, and unmolested they have begun to once again form into bands, and raids on what is left of the human settlements on the planet has become common-place.  If one Ork were to rise above the others and gather the small bands together...
4. Kendell-is creating his own Gang using the "Unknown Warriors" article for creating your own gangs (Prophets of War), this small band only seeks riches and glory amongst the ruins of the Hive and seeks to carve out his own small private Kingdom from the ashes. 
5. Chucky- Chaos Cultists (Orlock rules) Worshipers of Chaos, this Gang seeks to help the Dark Powers of Chaos plunge the entire system into the Warp forever, although it is whispered that the Gang leader is seeking favor with the Dark Powers in an effort to gain immortality.
6. Me- I'm going to be running to Gangs as GM, a Prophet of War gang (which is more my own if I can get them together in time), and a Chaos Cultist Gang, antagonist NPCs for the gaming group.

The background is set, the players are set, now we need some cool terrain to play on.  Here is my first completed piece.

and here are some WIP shots of a couple of other pieces

My goal is to have enough terrain for a 4x4 under-hive ruins table, and enough terrain for a 4x4 City Ruins table.  This will allow me to run 2 games at a time, and with only six players in the group should help minimize the downtime for players on our game days.

Well, I've got lots of work to do, I'll be posting regular updates to our campaign right here on my blog as things progress.