Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Talk about "Paint on a Pig"

Recently in an effort to try out some new lists, I found myself needing a couple of Rhino Transports fast.
Not in the mood to open and build new kits, which would cause me to do a rush job on them, I went into the garage and rummaged through some old stuff I had laying around.

I found a few old and beat up Rhino Transports which I had put aside for a terrain project that I haven't gotten around to.
After some rummaging through my bits box, I found enough pits to fix them up a bit and put them back into action.

After a bit of cutting and cleaning, I hit them with some Army Painter, gave them a quick paint job, and in a couple of hours I had 2 "new" Rhinos

Please bear in mind that these were just a couple of rush paint jobs to get them on the field, but over all I am happy with the end result.

Just goes to show ya, when it comes to this hobby, don't throw anything away...

Thursday, November 10, 2011

A new project?

Been playing around with a new 40k project.
I know, it's Grey Knights, but I love the look of these models.
With painting this model, I really wanted the army to look highly polished. It is also another foray into using Army Painter, I used the Plate armor spray, and used a series of washes to darken and tone the army, then I highlighted it back up with Chainmail, Mithril Silver, and finally a sharp edge of Skull White.

Here are my thoughts on a list:
Grand Master with Halberd and Incinerator

3x Squads of Terminators, I haven't figured out the exact configuration yet, but I know they will all have Psicannons

3x Dreadnoughts with Assault Cannons

3x Storm Ravens with twin-linked Assault Cannons and twin-linked Multi-Melta

Much different from what I've seen around at Tournaments and on the Net, but I think it will be fun to paint and play...