Friday, December 2, 2011

It's that time of year again

No, I am not talking about the Holidays, though it is that time of year as well. What I am talking about is Mordheim. Last year, January through March I played in a Mordheim Campaign with my Reiklanders Warband (some of you may remember the post, if not be sure to check it out).

Well, as January approaches, I am working on a brand new Warband. This time I thought I would do a Marauders of Chaos Warband

Probably not the wisest of choices, but after seeing the most recent issue of White Dwarf and the Chaos Warband done by Julian Bayliss I was hooked. It has to be Chaos. I even think that this may be the start of a Warhammer Fantasy Army. I like the models that much, but time will tell.

What follows are some WIP shots of my new Warband

Above is probably my favorite model of the little band so far. Kinda reminds me of that guy in the Skyrim commercial.

The guy above still needs some work on his shoulder, I'm still quite new at sculpting muscle, and may end up covering the shoulder with a Shoulder pad, once my Chaos Knights order comes in.

After speaking with some people about what to do about Great Weapons for Marauders I didn't like any of the bits that people were using. Empire Great Swords just didn't seem "manly" enough. So I decided to go with Bloodletter Swords from the Daemons plastic kit.

Quite a bit of chopping, and sculpting work but I think my skills are improving. This project is really going to test my modelling skills I think.

Stay tuned for more WIP as things progress, more to come!

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Talk about "Paint on a Pig"

Recently in an effort to try out some new lists, I found myself needing a couple of Rhino Transports fast.
Not in the mood to open and build new kits, which would cause me to do a rush job on them, I went into the garage and rummaged through some old stuff I had laying around.

I found a few old and beat up Rhino Transports which I had put aside for a terrain project that I haven't gotten around to.
After some rummaging through my bits box, I found enough pits to fix them up a bit and put them back into action.

After a bit of cutting and cleaning, I hit them with some Army Painter, gave them a quick paint job, and in a couple of hours I had 2 "new" Rhinos

Please bear in mind that these were just a couple of rush paint jobs to get them on the field, but over all I am happy with the end result.

Just goes to show ya, when it comes to this hobby, don't throw anything away...

Thursday, November 10, 2011

A new project?

Been playing around with a new 40k project.
I know, it's Grey Knights, but I love the look of these models.
With painting this model, I really wanted the army to look highly polished. It is also another foray into using Army Painter, I used the Plate armor spray, and used a series of washes to darken and tone the army, then I highlighted it back up with Chainmail, Mithril Silver, and finally a sharp edge of Skull White.

Here are my thoughts on a list:
Grand Master with Halberd and Incinerator

3x Squads of Terminators, I haven't figured out the exact configuration yet, but I know they will all have Psicannons

3x Dreadnoughts with Assault Cannons

3x Storm Ravens with twin-linked Assault Cannons and twin-linked Multi-Melta

Much different from what I've seen around at Tournaments and on the Net, but I think it will be fun to paint and play...

Monday, October 31, 2011

Big Wars with Little Men...

It's fun to change things up once in awhile, the other evening my son and I attended "All Night Gaming" at Jester's Playhouse in NJ. We were challenged by our friends Fred and Chris (another father son team) to a 10,000 point Apocalypse game.

The game would begin at about Midnight and run until 05:00 am. I arrived early to set up the table.

As befits the Sons of Russ, I set up a snow board. I pushed two of the stores standard tournament tables together to form a massive 6'x8' board and filled it with appropriate terrain from the stores collection.
For this game I would be commanding my Space Wolves while my son would be in charge of my Angels of Vindication (the Death Wing)
using Army Builder, I managed to put together a Space Wolf force of about 6,400 points, and a Death Wing army of about 2,250 giving us about 8,650 points, give or take.

Fred and Chris would be commanding no less than 10,000 points of a combined force of Blood Angels and Imperial Guard

an intimidating looking force if I have ever seen one, 4 Land Raiders and more Armor than I care to think about!
This was truly going to be a battle like the Sagas of old.

Fred and Chris take the first turn and deploy their forces

Chucky and me had a plan, we would hold all of our army in reserves, the Space Wolves would act as the Spear Head of the force using the Drop Pods, and Bikers to disrupt the enemy lines, and the Death Wing would capture the objectives with their impossible to shift fearless Terminator squads.

In my first move of the game I drop a Wolf Lord and 3 Wolf Guard into enemy territory and take out a Medusa Tank

Above you can see Wolf Lord Throgrimm, with Wolf Priest Theodin and accompanying Biker pack preparing to mix it up with the Blood angels. Just to the north of them are my Scout packs, the one having just popped a Rhino Transport, the other preparing to take out a Blood Angels Predator.

Here we have my other Biker pack supported by 2, yes 2 Wolf Lords making short work of Dante.

The Blood Angels are being stubborn, and Thorgrimm is still locked in combat, the remaining Scout pack moves on to their next target, the Land Raider.

Here is the right side of the board at the end of the 4th turn, this was to be a 5 turn game, you can see the Death Wing moving onto the objectives, and the scattered Space Wolf Drop Pods that were wreaking havoc throughout the battle.

and here we have the action on that same turn on the left side of the battle field, by this time, the Scouts have destroyed the Land Raider, and Thorgrimm and the Wolf Priest finished off the Blood Angels squad, and was moving to take out a Predator.

In turn 5 Thorgrimm and the Wolf Priest would move on to charge a Blood Angels Tactical squad and cause them to break, running off of an objective and leaving the Wolf Lord and Priest to contest it.

At the end of turn five it seems our little plan worked, the Death Wing held 3 objectives, I managed to contest 2 with the Space Wolves, and the Imperial Guard held the last.

A victory for team Nagel!

This game was an absolute blast, a great way to spend the night, and some time with my boy. We played 5 turns in 5 hours, ate too much pizza and cookies, and had a lot of laughs. I am sure we will have the opportunity to do this again, and I am certain that Fred and Chris will want revenge...

Monday, September 26, 2011

My Swift Claw Tactica Article

Hey all, my Swift Claws Tactica article which originally was part of a thread in the Bolter and Chainsword has been posted in the Space Wolves Blog.

If you are interested in some insight in the use of Blood Claw Bikers in your Space Wolf army,
you can go check it out here: Swift Claw Tactica

I hope you all enjoy.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Blobs Park list, 2000 points

Well, I am still a little irritated at Irene for making me miss the Nova. From everything I have read, it sounded like a great event, I will be there next year.

To fill in the gap, I have registered for the Battle at Blobs Park Tournament, a rather large one-day event. Four games at 2000 points.

Should be a great time, originally I was just going to take the list I made for the Nova, but after a few practice games I realized I really wanted to get Logan Grimnar and my new Long Fangs pack in the list.

Here is what I have come up with,

HQ: Logan Grimnar
HQ: Wolf Priest on a Bike
HQ: Wolf Guard Battle Leader on a Bike with a Frost Blade

Grey Hunters x10 with 2x Melta-guns, the Mark of the Wulfen, Power Weapon, and Wolf Standard
Grey Hunters x5 with a Plasma Gun, mounted in a Razorback with Twin-linked Lascannon
Blood Claws x7 with a Flamer, and Power Weapon mounted in a Rhino Transport

The Wolf Guard
1. Terminator with Assault Cannon and Power Fist
2. Terminator with Assault Cannon and Power Fist
3. Terminator with Combi-Plasma and Power Weapon
4. Terminator with Combi-Plasma and Power Weapon
5. Terminator with Combi-Plasma and WolfClaw
6. Terminator with Combi-Plasma and Power Fist
7. Bike, Power Fist and Combi-Melta
8. Combi-Melta and WolfClaw
9. Combi-Melta and Power Fist
10.Storm Bolter and Power Fist

Elite: Wolf Scouts x5 with 2x Power Weapons, Melta-gun, and Melta-bombs

Fast Attack: Swift Claw Bikers x3+1, the Attack Bike has a Heavy Bolter, the Pack also has a Melta-gun and a Power Fist, the entire pack is equipped with Melta-bombs

Heavy Support: 6x Long Fangs with 5x heavy bolters, the Pack leader has a Power Weapon.

the list as written comes in at 1983, so I still have 17 points to mess with.
I usually list the Wolf Guard with their respective packs, but with Logan and all the Terminators, the actual configuration changes a lot from game to game.
For Example, in one game I had Logan attached to the Long Fangs to give them relentless, with one of the Assault Cannon Termies attached to the large Grey Hunter Pack. In another game, I put both Assault Cannon Termies in the same pack and had Logan Lead them in order to give them Tank Hunter all game.
The flexibility this pack and Logan gives to my list is a huge bonus.

I don't plan on winning all of my games, but I certainly think that this list will be fun to play.

I will get some pictures posted of the completed Long Fangs as soon as, well, I finish painting them...

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Damn you Irene!!!!!

I can't believe this, all the planning and painting. Now, this stupid hurricane is going to keep me from going to the Nova Open.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Some quick pre-Nova pics

Well, I finished my new display base. Nothing too fancy, but it is a step up from my last board.

Above you can see the army arrayed on my new board. Sorry the picture is so dark, I will take better ones once I am at the Nova and post as part of my coverage of that event.

Above are a couple of close ups of my army on the board. Above you can see my new Wolf Priest next to my Wolf Lord, Thorgrimm with his Thunder Hammer, ready to bash some heads. My Wolf Lord is really starting to show his age, and I need to make a new one, but I am out of time. Maybe for the Mechanicon.

Next up you can see my new Wolf Scouts in the picture below.

I really like the conversion work on these guys, simple but quite effective. I feel the paint job was a little rushed, but added the tattooing in an effort to hide some of the short cuts I took on the skin tones. I have high hopes for these guys...

Finally a WIP of my Long Fang pack.

So far so good, hopefully I will get these guys done in a week or two so I can get some Heavy Bolter action on the board with Logan Grimnar.

Well that's it for now. I am charging up my camera, so intend to take lots of pictures at the Nova. Hopefully I will have some good coverage for you guys.

Nova Live Feed


All bloggers, forum posters, etc., please repost this and keep it "alive" all over ... you can tune into the NOVA Open Live Feed starting tomorrow at around 6:00PM, and it'll be "up" for the majority of the Open thereafter, including the Whiskey Challenges on Thursday night, Invitational all day Friday, and the Open on Sat and Sun.

(Originally posted by Mike Brandt of Whiskey and 40k)

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

What's next?

Too many projects and not enough hours in the day.

I have been hard at work on my Space Wolves, having just finished a new Wolf Scout pack, and my Wolf Priest for the upcoming Nova Open, I am working on a new display board for the army as well.
(I'm going to try and post some pictures tomorrow)

What's next? well in no particular order we have:
1. Dust Tactics, I have to finish my game board and get some terrain done in time for the revised Core game release.
I have my Khorne Berserker army that I started over a year ago, I have about 40 Berserkers assembled and I bought 3 Land Raiders that are still in the shrink wrap. This is a very tempting project, but I may wait until after the 1st of the year to see if we get a new Chaos Marine book for 40k
Grey Knights, I currently have a box of Terminators, a Dreadnought, and a Storm Raven to start this project. The idea I have for this army is to do a small army with little to no conversion work, just try and concentrate on a good paint job.
Then of course there is my Scout army. I have already started this force, which is going to be a 500 point army for those occasional small combat patrol type tournaments, quick pick-up games, and campaign play.
5. And finally, more Space Wolves. I will probably be painting more Wolves right up to the Mechanicon, but I tend to change my mind alot.

As you can see, I have way too much on my table, and this doesn't even include the Deathwing squads I started and haven't painted yet, or the 4 Battalion boxes of IG and tanks to add to my Imperial Guard army.
I think I need an extra set of hands...

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Updated Nova List...

HQ: Wolf Lord Thorgrimm, on a Bike with Thunder Hammer, Storm Shield, Runic Armor, and Saga of the Bear (250)

HQ: Wolf Priest on a Bike (135)

Fast Attack: Swift Claws 3+1(attackbike)+1(Wgpl) One Swift Claw has a Power Fist, and one has a Melta-gun, the Attack Bike has a Heavy Bolter, the entire pack has Melta-bombs. The Wolf Guard Pack leader has a bike, Combi-Melta and a Power fist (238)

Fast Attack: Swift Claws 3+1(attackbike)+1(Wgpl) One Swift Claw has a Power Fist, the Attack Bike has a Heavy Bolter, and the entire pack has Melta-bombs. The Wolf Guard Pack Leader has a bike, Frost Blade, and Melta-bombs (228)

Troop: Grey Hunter pack x5+1(Wgpl) with a Plasmagun, the Wolf Guard has a Combi-melta and a Power Weapon, they have a Razorback Transport with Twin-linked Las-cannons (193)

Troop: Grey Hunter pack x10+1(Wgpl) Melta-gun x2, Wolf Standard, Mark of the Wulfen, Power Weapon. Wolf Guard has Terminator Armor, Assault Cannon, Power Fist (268)

Troop: Blood Claws pack x7+1(Wgpl) Flamer, Power Weapon. Wolf Guard has a Power Fist and a Storm Bolter. Mounted in a Rhino Transport. (196)

Elite: Wolf Guard in Terminator armor x4 one with a Combi-Plasma and Power Fist, two with Combi-Plasma and Power Weapon, one with Assault Cannon and Power Fist (197)

Elite: Wolf Scouts x5+1(Wgpl) Melta-gun, 2x with Power Weapon, the entire pack has Melta-bombs. The Wolf Guard has a Combi-melta and a Wolf Claw. (178)

Elite: Dreadnought with Heavy Flamer and Assault Cannon (115)

This list comes in at 1998, of course any and all comments are welcome...

Copied and pasted from my post on the Space Wolf Army list section on the B&C. You can see that Logan Grimnar is out, and with the saved points I got a Scout Pack, a Dread, and a couple of Plasma Pistols for my various packs.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Progress and Setbacks...

Well just last night I posted my new game board for Dust Tactics. Well, after getting the tape on last night and putting the board in the garage all the tape fell off over night! AAARRRGHH!!!

Oh well, my fault I guess, I was saying to my son that I should coat the tape with some PVA in order to seal it to the board, but I was lazy. Lesson learned, guess I know what I'm doing over the weekend...

Back to the 40k front. I am furiously trying to get ready for the Nova Open, and still am messing with lists.

Originally I was going to take Logan Grimnar to lead my army in addition to Wolf Lord Thorgrimm.
I like the idea of Logan leading my Wolf Guard pack, but 275 points is a huge investment for an army that isn't based around him.
So, I think he is out for the Nova.

Apart from some touch up work he is finished however, and some pictures are posted below.

Next up we have my new Wolf Priest. He is definitely in, as he is a beast. Not so much in what he can do on his own, but for what he does for my Wolf Lord and the Swift Claws. A simple conversion here, but I think it is effective none the less.

Finally below, I have the beginning of a new Wolf Scout Pack. My goal is to get these guys done in time for the Nova, a Pack of Scouts to push the enemy forward and into my Bikers can't be a bad thing...

Well, that's about it for now. I am working on an updated list and will post it soon...

Thursday, August 11, 2011

In my quest for something a little different...

After doing quite a bit of research and trying to find a new game to play, I think I settled on a little game called Dust Tactics.
I was looking for something that was easy to get into that my son and his friends would be willing to play, and that we could get in a couple of games in an evening.
Now, any of you in the know, realize that Dust Tactics is a "Tile-set" type game that comes with cardboard tiles that are placed to represent the board, terrain, buildings, ect.
I wanted our games to be a bit more exciting and above you can see the fruits of my labor.
Our game board is a 4'x4' wooden board.
Next up is going to be some terrain that will match the campaign booklet that comes with the starter set.

For those interested in reading more about Dust Tactics and the upcoming Dust Warfare go here

On a 40k note, my Nova list has changed significantly, and I will be posting more information on that tomorrow. Also I have some new models completed, so those who have been waiting patiently will hopefully have something new to look at tomorrow...

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

2000 points, My Nova Open list...

Well, I got myself registered for the Nova Open, and my room is reserved.

All that's left to do is get my Space Wolves ready for battle.

My 2011 project won't be completed in time, so I am going to take a list that doesn't need a whole lot of painting on my part.

The list below only has me painting 3 new models in order for it to be battle ready.

2000 Points Space Wolves:
HQ: Logan Grimnar (275)
HQ: Rune Priest with Chooser (110) Living Lightning and Murderous Hurricane
HQ: Wolf Lord Thorgrimm on a bike with a Thunder Hammer, Runic Armor, Storm Shield and Saga of the Bear (250)

Troop: Grey Hunters x10 with 2x Meltaguns, Power Weapon, Wolf Standard, Mark of the Wulfen (195)
Led by a Wolf Guard in Terminator armor with a Powerfist and Assault Cannon (73)

Troop: Grey Hunters x5 one has a Power Weapon, they are mounted in a Razorback with twin-linked Las Cannons (165)
Led by a Wolf Guard with a Power Weapon and a Combi-Melta (33)

Troop: Blood Claws x7 one has a Flamer, and one has a Power Weapon, they are mounted in a Rhino Transport (155)
Led by a Wolf Guard with a Storm Bolter and a Power Fist (41)

Troop: 5x Wolf Guard in Terminator Armor 1. Combi-Plasma and Power Weapon. 2. Combi-Plasma and Power Weapon. 3. Combi-Plasma and Power Fist. 4. Combi-Plasma and Wolf Claw. and 5. Assault Cannon and Power Fist (240)

Fast Attack: Swift Claws x3+1 attack bike, one has a Power Fist, one has a Melta-gun, the Attack Bike is equipped with a Heavy Bolter, and the entire pack has Melta-bombs. (160)
Led by a Pack leader on a bike with a Power Fist and a Combi-Melta (78)

Fast Attack: Swift Claws x3+1 attack bike, one has a Power Fist, the Attack Bike is equipped with a Heavy Bolter and the entire pack has Melta-bombs. (150)
Led by a Pack leader on a bike with a Power Fist (73)

As written this list comes in at 1998.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Historicon 2011

Last week on a whim, I decided to attend the 2011 Historicon, held at the Valley Forge Convention Center. Boy was I not sorry!
I took some pictures of the event, I really wish I had planned this trip better, because I really didn't have enough time.
Above you can see my Pirates making a Beach landing in a game of "Gnome Wars"
Above is a shot of my unit mounted up in their Pirate Ship.
Above is a shot of the game board we played on. Always a crowd at the Gnome Wars table. A great game. Rules written and the game run by my buddy Jim "the Stout Smurf" himself.

The pictures above show some shots of some of the other tables and games I found interesting. At Historicon you can play any scale and any time period imaginable. To tell you the truth I was a bit overwhelmed by it all.
The Vendors area is fantastic as well.
Jim in action, Game Mastering Gnome Wars.
Gnomes on the march

Above are a couple of shots of a display board that was featured in War games Illustrated.
I really had a great day, and got to spend some time chatting with some old friends that I was more than happy to run into.
Joe Krone, formerly a GW employee is now running events for Flames of War, It was great to see him, and get a chance to catch up.
Dave Taylor was there as well, working, but not so hard as we didn't have a chance to sit and chat for a bit.
And of course Jim the "Stout Smurf" was there. I had a great time playing Gnome Wars. A great game system, that certainly had no shortage of players all day long.
Sadly, I missed the "Gaming Garage" boys who run the Mechanicon. It would have been great to chat with Tony Spino and the boys, but I guess they hadn't arrived until Friday. (I ended up taking the trip on Thursday).

A great event, I am sold. Next year I will plan ahead and make the trip an over-nighter. One day there is just not enough...