Saturday, September 22, 2012

Poor Boris the Besieger, fired already...and the Mechanicon getting sooooo close


My newly painted Chaos Lord, Boris the Besieger hasn't seen much action yet.  Maybe three or four games goofing around at the corner store, and just one Tournament at Jester's Playhouse (took over-all at that oddly enough).
Don't get me wrong, I like him enough, I think he fits well with the look and feel that I was shooting for with my Iron Warriors army, it's just well...

He isn't this guy
 My army just must be led by the new WarpSmith.

Oh but that is not all folks.  Under the current Codex, my army stands at about 1150 painted, with just a few hundred more points to go.  The Mechanicon rules state that they will be using any Codex out prior to October 7th, with the Chaos Codex release date set for October 6th, that means I'm in with the new book.  Now, this is good and bad.  Good in that I get to use all those fancy new rules, and hopefully get some of the new models painted in time for the Mechanicon.  On the bad side, I've only got a few weeks to make adjustments to the army and have the list finalized and emailed to the Mechanicon staff by October 20th.  An exciting time with some self induced stress just for fun!

I would be even more excited if I could find out if Chaos Terminators still have the option to take Land Raiders as dedicated transports.  If yes, then I'm in good shape, if no, then I have some serious thinking to do.

Here is a rough estimate of what I have planned for a list:

HQ: WarpSmith
Elite: 5x Terminators with a couple of Combi-weapons, and one Chain-fist
Land Raider Transport (I hope)
Troop: 10x Marines with 2x Melta, Champ with Fist and Combi
Rhino Transport
Troop: 5x Marines
Troop: 10x Cultists
Heavy: Forge Fiend
Heavy: Defiler
Heavy: Vindicator
I should have some points left over, maybe for a Dread or Aegis Defense line with Quad gun
Light on Troops, but heavy on what I feel makes and Iron Warriors army look like Iron Warriors.

Oh, I did get some pics taken at the Tournament the other day, but have been too lazy to post them.  Well not really too lazy, just been spending all my free time in a painting frenzy, trying to meet my personal set deadline for Mechanicon.

Which reminds me I gotta go, have painting to do...