Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Some quick pre-Nova pics

Well, I finished my new display base. Nothing too fancy, but it is a step up from my last board.

Above you can see the army arrayed on my new board. Sorry the picture is so dark, I will take better ones once I am at the Nova and post as part of my coverage of that event.

Above are a couple of close ups of my army on the board. Above you can see my new Wolf Priest next to my Wolf Lord, Thorgrimm with his Thunder Hammer, ready to bash some heads. My Wolf Lord is really starting to show his age, and I need to make a new one, but I am out of time. Maybe for the Mechanicon.

Next up you can see my new Wolf Scouts in the picture below.

I really like the conversion work on these guys, simple but quite effective. I feel the paint job was a little rushed, but added the tattooing in an effort to hide some of the short cuts I took on the skin tones. I have high hopes for these guys...

Finally a WIP of my Long Fang pack.

So far so good, hopefully I will get these guys done in a week or two so I can get some Heavy Bolter action on the board with Logan Grimnar.

Well that's it for now. I am charging up my camera, so intend to take lots of pictures at the Nova. Hopefully I will have some good coverage for you guys.

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