Monday, October 31, 2011

Big Wars with Little Men...

It's fun to change things up once in awhile, the other evening my son and I attended "All Night Gaming" at Jester's Playhouse in NJ. We were challenged by our friends Fred and Chris (another father son team) to a 10,000 point Apocalypse game.

The game would begin at about Midnight and run until 05:00 am. I arrived early to set up the table.

As befits the Sons of Russ, I set up a snow board. I pushed two of the stores standard tournament tables together to form a massive 6'x8' board and filled it with appropriate terrain from the stores collection.
For this game I would be commanding my Space Wolves while my son would be in charge of my Angels of Vindication (the Death Wing)
using Army Builder, I managed to put together a Space Wolf force of about 6,400 points, and a Death Wing army of about 2,250 giving us about 8,650 points, give or take.

Fred and Chris would be commanding no less than 10,000 points of a combined force of Blood Angels and Imperial Guard

an intimidating looking force if I have ever seen one, 4 Land Raiders and more Armor than I care to think about!
This was truly going to be a battle like the Sagas of old.

Fred and Chris take the first turn and deploy their forces

Chucky and me had a plan, we would hold all of our army in reserves, the Space Wolves would act as the Spear Head of the force using the Drop Pods, and Bikers to disrupt the enemy lines, and the Death Wing would capture the objectives with their impossible to shift fearless Terminator squads.

In my first move of the game I drop a Wolf Lord and 3 Wolf Guard into enemy territory and take out a Medusa Tank

Above you can see Wolf Lord Throgrimm, with Wolf Priest Theodin and accompanying Biker pack preparing to mix it up with the Blood angels. Just to the north of them are my Scout packs, the one having just popped a Rhino Transport, the other preparing to take out a Blood Angels Predator.

Here we have my other Biker pack supported by 2, yes 2 Wolf Lords making short work of Dante.

The Blood Angels are being stubborn, and Thorgrimm is still locked in combat, the remaining Scout pack moves on to their next target, the Land Raider.

Here is the right side of the board at the end of the 4th turn, this was to be a 5 turn game, you can see the Death Wing moving onto the objectives, and the scattered Space Wolf Drop Pods that were wreaking havoc throughout the battle.

and here we have the action on that same turn on the left side of the battle field, by this time, the Scouts have destroyed the Land Raider, and Thorgrimm and the Wolf Priest finished off the Blood Angels squad, and was moving to take out a Predator.

In turn 5 Thorgrimm and the Wolf Priest would move on to charge a Blood Angels Tactical squad and cause them to break, running off of an objective and leaving the Wolf Lord and Priest to contest it.

At the end of turn five it seems our little plan worked, the Death Wing held 3 objectives, I managed to contest 2 with the Space Wolves, and the Imperial Guard held the last.

A victory for team Nagel!

This game was an absolute blast, a great way to spend the night, and some time with my boy. We played 5 turns in 5 hours, ate too much pizza and cookies, and had a lot of laughs. I am sure we will have the opportunity to do this again, and I am certain that Fred and Chris will want revenge...

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  1. Looks awesome Ted! I've never bothered with a large apoc battle before until the other week when I met up with Adam and a few others at WH and we played a 6k battle in the GW HQ board room! lol. I was expecting not to enjoy it but it was a good laugh.