Friday, December 2, 2011

It's that time of year again

No, I am not talking about the Holidays, though it is that time of year as well. What I am talking about is Mordheim. Last year, January through March I played in a Mordheim Campaign with my Reiklanders Warband (some of you may remember the post, if not be sure to check it out).

Well, as January approaches, I am working on a brand new Warband. This time I thought I would do a Marauders of Chaos Warband

Probably not the wisest of choices, but after seeing the most recent issue of White Dwarf and the Chaos Warband done by Julian Bayliss I was hooked. It has to be Chaos. I even think that this may be the start of a Warhammer Fantasy Army. I like the models that much, but time will tell.

What follows are some WIP shots of my new Warband

Above is probably my favorite model of the little band so far. Kinda reminds me of that guy in the Skyrim commercial.

The guy above still needs some work on his shoulder, I'm still quite new at sculpting muscle, and may end up covering the shoulder with a Shoulder pad, once my Chaos Knights order comes in.

After speaking with some people about what to do about Great Weapons for Marauders I didn't like any of the bits that people were using. Empire Great Swords just didn't seem "manly" enough. So I decided to go with Bloodletter Swords from the Daemons plastic kit.

Quite a bit of chopping, and sculpting work but I think my skills are improving. This project is really going to test my modelling skills I think.

Stay tuned for more WIP as things progress, more to come!

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