Thursday, August 11, 2011

In my quest for something a little different...

After doing quite a bit of research and trying to find a new game to play, I think I settled on a little game called Dust Tactics.
I was looking for something that was easy to get into that my son and his friends would be willing to play, and that we could get in a couple of games in an evening.
Now, any of you in the know, realize that Dust Tactics is a "Tile-set" type game that comes with cardboard tiles that are placed to represent the board, terrain, buildings, ect.
I wanted our games to be a bit more exciting and above you can see the fruits of my labor.
Our game board is a 4'x4' wooden board.
Next up is going to be some terrain that will match the campaign booklet that comes with the starter set.

For those interested in reading more about Dust Tactics and the upcoming Dust Warfare go here

On a 40k note, my Nova list has changed significantly, and I will be posting more information on that tomorrow. Also I have some new models completed, so those who have been waiting patiently will hopefully have something new to look at tomorrow...

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