Friday, August 12, 2011

Progress and Setbacks...

Well just last night I posted my new game board for Dust Tactics. Well, after getting the tape on last night and putting the board in the garage all the tape fell off over night! AAARRRGHH!!!

Oh well, my fault I guess, I was saying to my son that I should coat the tape with some PVA in order to seal it to the board, but I was lazy. Lesson learned, guess I know what I'm doing over the weekend...

Back to the 40k front. I am furiously trying to get ready for the Nova Open, and still am messing with lists.

Originally I was going to take Logan Grimnar to lead my army in addition to Wolf Lord Thorgrimm.
I like the idea of Logan leading my Wolf Guard pack, but 275 points is a huge investment for an army that isn't based around him.
So, I think he is out for the Nova.

Apart from some touch up work he is finished however, and some pictures are posted below.

Next up we have my new Wolf Priest. He is definitely in, as he is a beast. Not so much in what he can do on his own, but for what he does for my Wolf Lord and the Swift Claws. A simple conversion here, but I think it is effective none the less.

Finally below, I have the beginning of a new Wolf Scout Pack. My goal is to get these guys done in time for the Nova, a Pack of Scouts to push the enemy forward and into my Bikers can't be a bad thing...

Well, that's about it for now. I am working on an updated list and will post it soon...

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  1. Logan I looking pretty sweet Ted nice work! The Axe looks absolutely bad ass.