Monday, July 18, 2011

Historicon 2011

Last week on a whim, I decided to attend the 2011 Historicon, held at the Valley Forge Convention Center. Boy was I not sorry!
I took some pictures of the event, I really wish I had planned this trip better, because I really didn't have enough time.
Above you can see my Pirates making a Beach landing in a game of "Gnome Wars"
Above is a shot of my unit mounted up in their Pirate Ship.
Above is a shot of the game board we played on. Always a crowd at the Gnome Wars table. A great game. Rules written and the game run by my buddy Jim "the Stout Smurf" himself.

The pictures above show some shots of some of the other tables and games I found interesting. At Historicon you can play any scale and any time period imaginable. To tell you the truth I was a bit overwhelmed by it all.
The Vendors area is fantastic as well.
Jim in action, Game Mastering Gnome Wars.
Gnomes on the march

Above are a couple of shots of a display board that was featured in War games Illustrated.
I really had a great day, and got to spend some time chatting with some old friends that I was more than happy to run into.
Joe Krone, formerly a GW employee is now running events for Flames of War, It was great to see him, and get a chance to catch up.
Dave Taylor was there as well, working, but not so hard as we didn't have a chance to sit and chat for a bit.
And of course Jim the "Stout Smurf" was there. I had a great time playing Gnome Wars. A great game system, that certainly had no shortage of players all day long.
Sadly, I missed the "Gaming Garage" boys who run the Mechanicon. It would have been great to chat with Tony Spino and the boys, but I guess they hadn't arrived until Friday. (I ended up taking the trip on Thursday).

A great event, I am sold. Next year I will plan ahead and make the trip an over-nighter. One day there is just not enough...

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  1. That terrain looks amazing. I saw this event and was interested in going but didn't it would be nearly this fun. Now I know for next year.