Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Necromunda Campaign Week 2, Phase 0

Week 2:  Selena and her Crimson Raiders (Kendell's Gang) having defeated one band of Chaos Cultists last week was full of confidence as they made their way into the underhive and encountered Murdoc and his Chaos band.  Selena and her crew were forced to retreat and lick their wounds.  Lost deep in the underhive with nowhere to go, Selena swore revenge against the Chaos Gang, and then encountered the Steel Brotherhood led by Brother Corbin.  Selena convinced the Steel Brotherhood that they were agents of the Imperium, and that the Warp Storms have lifted and they were here to save them (of course this was all a lie).  The Steel Brotherhood formed a loose alliance with Selena and the 2 gangs quickly made their way to where Selena believed that Murdoc and his gang were holed up.  Selena would have here revenge.

What Selena thought would be an easy raid however turned into a major engagement as a group of Chaos Cultists worshiping Khorne were found to be allied with Murdoc's band.

Battle in the underhive ensued, and the combined might of the Steel Brotherhood and the Crimson raiders chased off the chaos cultists leaving the spoils to the victors.

 Above we have the Ratskin scout of the Crimson Raiders taking the high ground
 The Chaos Magus was put down quickly by heavy fire power as he tried to respond to the sounds of gun fire in the Khorne camp
 a Ganger in the Steel Brotherhood quickly dispatches one of the Gangers of Khorne.
 Members of the Crimson Raiders providing cover-fire as the Steel Brotherhood advances
Murdoc and his boys move in, making an effort to support the surrounded Khorne gang.

When the smoke cleared, the Chaos Gangs fled to lick their wounds and return to fight another day leaving the territory free for the taking.  It was then that the true colors of the Crimson Raiders shown through as they turned on the Steel Brotherhood.
This territory would be theirs...

A second game was played as well, this time Chaos won out.  Things so far have been pretty even up.
My gang had a tough week.  I didn't win either game, and while I did get some pretty decent advances, one of my heavies died...
Oh well there is always next week.

Here is where things are standing after week 2:
Crusade of Fire: 3
Prophets of War: 4
Servants of Ruin: 3

Next week we have lots to do.  I still have 2 gangers held captive by the Sisters, Matt has one held captive by those bitches as well.
Kendell and Matt also have to duke it out over the territory from the game they won this week.
On top of all that, I'm sure that the newly formed Khorne cult gang is not happy with getting their butts whipped and will be looking for revenge.
Ah, life in the Under-Hive...

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