Saturday, February 2, 2013

Some WIP Necromunda stuff, new gangs, terrain, and of course some zombies!

Ok, so I am hooked.  This is the most fun I have had in ages playing a miniatures game.
Chucky, Matt and I managed to get together for a few games the other night.  While we didn't push our actual campaign plot forward any, we did solidify relationships between gangs, build on some characters, and of course gained some loot and XPs.
Of course it wouldn't have been a game night if I didn't have a ganger die.  Of course it was my guy with 3 base attacks and a WS4...

In the up coming weeks, I hope to do full profiles of each gang, each one having its own post.  Should be fun.

Anyway on with some new stuff.  Below you can see my WIP "Hab-Block"  I think every Necromunda board needs its own "Peach Trees" apartment complex.

 It is very WIP, but I hope to make it a full 3 stories high, with the decking going around each level.  This is the first piece I am making that is more geared for phase 3+ of my campaign.  Representing the return of some sort of Government to the system, and the rebuilding of the Hive.

After posting my board on Dakka-Dakka, I got some good feedback stating that I needed more bridges and walkways connecting pieces of terrain.  Taking this to heart, I started to construct a few, along with some more scatter terrain, as that was another comment.  Below you can see the start of that effort.
 I absolutely LOVE the GW plastic movement tray kits, it is relatively inexpensive and is very sturdy and easy to work with for flooring, gangplanks, bridges, and so on.
Above you can see a finished example, quick and easy.  Oh, and yes that is my Hummer, $2.00 at a local Dry-Goods store, couldn't go wrong, so I picked it up, painted it and threw it on the board.  A little silly? maybe, but I love it.

Next up we have my new Gang!  I have the starting gang all built and primed awaiting paint.  9 models to start, all made strictly using bits from my bits box, or should I say bits room?  I will be using Orlock rules for these guys, but I haven't made a background or come up with a gang name yet.  But I am fond of the way they are turning out.
Below we have the Gang Leader, armed with Chain Sword and Bolt Pistol.  I am going to get him some Flak armor as soon as possible (common item in our group) as it looks like he is wearing some sort of armor.

 Above you can see a group shot of the 3 that have paint on them, and below my favorite so far of the bunch.  They are all made with Brettonian Men-at-Arms as a base for the torso, and a variety of kits for weapons, heads, arms and so on.  These guys aren't really finished.  I just put a base coat and a wash on them, very quickly to get them battle ready.  I don't really want to spend too much time on them as I am sure they will be scarred, wounded, get new equipment and all through out the course of the campaign.  Unlike some gamers, that is one of my favorite parts of Necromunda, doing the weapon swaps, and adding those little touches in between games.  A starting gang in my opinion should look completely different by campaigns end.
And finally, above you can see 3 of 9 Zombies that I am making for our campaign.  Seems Papa Nurgle is going to pay a visit to the Under-Hive, now I just have to finish them up and get a Chaos Magus painted up, and lots of Chaos is going to ensue...

Well, that's it for now, lots of work to do!  Thanks for reading!!!

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  1. The leader looks like Bane, genius. Subscribed.