Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Good news and bad.  Good news is everyone is pumped to get our campaign rolling, and the terrain is coming along nicely.
Bad news is, GW still hasn't gotten Chris his Escher gang.
That means we are going to push the campaign start back a week.  This is not such a bad thing, as this Sunday we are going to take the opportunity to run through some one off games to get our heads wrapped around the game system, its been years since I've played Necromunda, and I am very rusty on the rule set.

It also gives me another week to push out some terrain, as I already mentioned things are coming along.

Above is a snap shot of the table (well the left side where most the painted stuff is anyway)
Below is another view with a rough layout set up just to see where I am at.

And it just isn't quite a Necromunda board without some sort of sewage entry...
You don't realize how much terrain is needed for a good Skirmish game board till you start putting it all together. 

I am hoping to have enough done by Sunday that our dry runs will be on my new board, lots of work ahead of me today, and a quick run up to AC Moore, and Jesters Playhouse for more supplies.

Maybe someday I'll even get to work on a new gang of my own but in the mean time my Chaos Cultists will be assisting the Dark Gods in attempting to ensure that the Corvus Sub-System stays lost to the Warp, so that the Powers of Chaos can rule the system for all eternity


  1. You might want to give Chris a heads up to call GW- my Esher gang never got to me because their system ate the order and they never received it. They were, however, kind enough to overnight it to me since I needed it ASAP.