Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Necromunda, the count down begins...

Well, in two short weeks, our adventures in the Corvus Sub-Sector will begin.  I am officially calling our Necromunda campaign Phase-0 this represents the time period that the campaign will take place. 
The Crusade of Fire book breaks the 40k campaign down into 3 Phases, with Phase 1 representing when the Warp Storms engulfing the Corvus Sub-Sector have abated.  In our Necromunda Campaign, the Warp Storms are still raging and the Corvus Sub-Sector is still separated from contact with the rest of the Imperium.
Corvus Majoris is the planet that our campaign will take place, below is a snap shot, and a brief background to get our players started.

 Our campaign background being set, our players choose their gangs.  Right now we are sitting at 6 players for our campaign.  Each player has chosen a gang that they would like to play, and a faction from the Crusade of Fire campaign book.  Players can choose to belong to the Crusade of Fire, the Servants of Ruin, or the Prophets of War.
1. the Crusade of Fire: those who belong to this faction still believe in the Word of the Emperor, and firmly believe that the forces of the Imperium will come to deliver them from this Hell, and restore their system to its former glory.
2. The Servants of Ruin: Worshipers of Chaos, those who belong to this faction are Cultists of Chaos, who wish to see the entire system taken over by the powers of chaos and have the system plunge into the depths of the Warp forever
3. the Prophets of War: those who do not believe that help from the Imperium is ever coming, or have lost their way.  Some are trying to forge their own Kingdoms amongst the ruins, and seek power and glory,others are simply trying to survive in this harsh world.

The Players:
1. Matt- chose to play Cawdor (Crusade of Fire), Matts gang firmly believes that salvation is coming and soon and are trying to see that the way is clear for the arrival of the servants of the Emperor
2. Chris-chose to play Escher (Crusade of Fire) descendants of a small Sisters of Battle Sisterhood stationed on Corvus Majoris and charged with protecting several Holy sites on the planet.  This they have done for 1000 years.
3. Mike-chose to play Orks (Prophets of War), Several thousand years before the Warp Storms engulfed the system, a small but not insignificant Ork Waaagh game to the Corvus Sub-System.  The Planetary Defense Forces were quick to respond to the threat and quickly put down the greater Waaagh, reducing the marauding Orks to small pockets in the wilds of the various planets of the system.  These Orks were hunted for sport, and as a right of passage for young nobles prior to their elevation into the ranks of the Officers of the PDFs of the system.  1000 years of Warp Storms have left the Orks to their own devices, and unmolested they have begun to once again form into bands, and raids on what is left of the human settlements on the planet has become common-place.  If one Ork were to rise above the others and gather the small bands together...
4. Kendell-is creating his own Gang using the "Unknown Warriors" article for creating your own gangs (Prophets of War), this small band only seeks riches and glory amongst the ruins of the Hive and seeks to carve out his own small private Kingdom from the ashes. 
5. Chucky- Chaos Cultists (Orlock rules) Worshipers of Chaos, this Gang seeks to help the Dark Powers of Chaos plunge the entire system into the Warp forever, although it is whispered that the Gang leader is seeking favor with the Dark Powers in an effort to gain immortality.
6. Me- I'm going to be running to Gangs as GM, a Prophet of War gang (which is more my own if I can get them together in time), and a Chaos Cultist Gang, antagonist NPCs for the gaming group.

The background is set, the players are set, now we need some cool terrain to play on.  Here is my first completed piece.

and here are some WIP shots of a couple of other pieces

My goal is to have enough terrain for a 4x4 under-hive ruins table, and enough terrain for a 4x4 City Ruins table.  This will allow me to run 2 games at a time, and with only six players in the group should help minimize the downtime for players on our game days.

Well, I've got lots of work to do, I'll be posting regular updates to our campaign right here on my blog as things progress.