Monday, January 21, 2013

Necromunda Campaign Week 1, Phase 0

Well yesterday kicked off the first day of our Necromunda Campaign, and I do think it was successful.

We had six players, playing in one on one games on two tables, playing in a round robin style of play, this gave people a chance to take a break, work on models, update their rosters and so on...

Above you can see a shot of the main board, the Under-Hive in the ruins of Hive Primus, on Corvus Majoris in the Corvus Sub-Sector.

A world still ravaged by Warp Storms and separated from the Imperium for 1000 years.  Plunged into Civil War, small pockets of survivors make their way in the world, hoping that the Warp Storms will abate and that the Imperium will return to the sector and save them.  Others are trying to further the cause of the Dark Gods and have joined one of dozens of Cult groups, summoning Daemons, practicing dark magics and worse.

This is where our gangers live, fight, and die...
Below we have a couple of shots of the action,

 Above you can see my Son's Chaos Cultist gang advancing on the descendants of the Sisters of Battle that once protected the Shrines of Corvus Majoris.

Above we have the Heavies of Murdoc's Marauders of my Gang, taking the high ground with back up from a Chaos Sorcerer (Wyrd) and a couple of Gangers.
Below, Murdoc and his bodyguards advance under the Cover-Fire provided from above.
No one likes to be on the receiving end of my Heavies!
Taking the Bridge!

I didn't get a lot of pictures of the other players gangs this week, as the majority of them are still not painted.  Rest assured though, in the coming weeks I will post some full battle reports of the actions.

After a full day of fighting, seven games took place.  Grudges, enemies, plots and schemes have all been made.

Campaign Status? here is where we stand so far
Crusade of Fire: 2
Prophets of War: 3
Servants of Ruin: 2

I managed to play 2 games myself, and while I won both games, I feel I have not done much to further the cause of my Faction (the Servants of Ruin). 

I did manage to sway a Chaos Sorcerer to my cause, but failed to capture a Warp Gate which was to be used for future Daemon Summoning.  Kendell's Land Pirates, the Crimson Raiders also failed to take it though, so I still have a chance.

Those blasted Sisters of Battle (Escher) captured not one but two of my Cultists!  surely they will be tortured for information before being put to death, I must launch an offensive in an effort to rescue them, not because they cannot be replace, but because I don't want them divulging my evil plans to those pathetic servants to the Emperor, holding on to lost hope...

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