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Updated Campaign Intro.

Okay folks, here is an updated rules sheet for my campaign.  I'll be putting together the sign in sheet over the next couple of days which will include all the campaign dates.  There is one weekend in March that I'm going to be away at Cold Wars so wont be running the campaign that weekend.

I will be printing these campaign rules out for everyone, and will have copies at the AetherStorm Games for everyone.
Please read through this rules packet carefully as there are significant changes to the current rule set.  For Example, you will see that Armor is much more important in this campaign, and many items that warriors can normally find are not so readily available in the wilds of the Middle Mountains.

Welcome to Kragensburg
A Warhammer Skirmish Campaign using the Mordheim rules
The City State of Kragensburg sits in the south western end of the Middle Mountains of the Empire.  The Middle Mountains is said to be a mountain range “shunned by all right-minded folk”, leaving it as a lair for bandits, rogues and other undesirables.  This makes the City of Kragensburg the perfect place for these types of people to live, and even prosper living outside of the influence of the Empire, a man must truly be desperate or crazed to call such a place home.  Yet there are those who live and thrive in Kragensburg, the city itself prospers with trade, the rare ore mined from the mountains, and the powerful magical artifacts in the many ruins within the Mountains make the place popular for adventurers, raiders, bandits and thrill seekers.  The City of Kragensburg has stood since the days that the Brass Keep was a bastion of the Empire, and has stood firm against the almost constant raids of the Warriors of Chaos who now call the Brass Keep home, maintaining a foothold in the midst of the Empire.  The taint of Chaos has blighted this land, and many monsters call the region home.  Graf Boris Todbringer, Count of Middenheim has raised many an armed expedition (as have other Elector Counts in the neighboring provinces) to clear out the taint of chaos and reclaim the Brass Keep but all attempts have failed, doomed from the start and few, if any of the brave souls that enter the mountains ever return…

The Warbands
Warbands will be constructed using the rules presented in the Mordheim Rulebook. 
The following Warbands will be allowed:
·         Reikland
·        Middenheim
·        Marienburg
·        Witch Hunters
·        Sisters of Sigmar
·        Undead
·        Skaven
·        Cult of the Possessed
·        Carnival of Chaos
·        Beastman Raiders
·        Dwarf Treasure Hunters
·         Marauders of Chaos (Follow the Darkest Tribes rules are not in use)

The House Rules

·        All intact buildings are impassable terrain, all doors have been magically locked by local wizards protecting the citizens of Kragensburg, NPC characters can of course enter buildings at the Game Masters discretion (exceptions to this rule will be clearly stated)
·        All other Empire in Flames terrain rules are in effect.  Note that all hills are considered difficult ground when changing levels.
·        The Critical Wound charts at the back of the Mordheim rule book are in effect
·        Escape from Combat rules in effect
·        Rewards of the Shadowlord in effect
·        Black powder weapon misfire chart in effect
·        Mounted warriors rules as per the Mordheim rulebook.
·        The Sling provides a +1 to a warriors armor save when saving against a wound from this weapon
·        Armor and Injuries: If a Hero rolls a death result on the injury chart there is a chance his armor will save him.  The Hero is allowed an armor save in this case and if the save is made death has been avoided!  For Henchmen, if they die after a game, they too are allowed an armor save.  If the save is passed, they are allowed a 2nd chance to live and a re-roll is made.
·        The Armor Save Modifier Chart is being shifted by one, so penalties do not begin until S5.
·        The Blunderbuss follows normal rules for targeting (must target the closest model and center your template on that model)  an appropriate template should be cut from construction paper for ease of play.
·        WYSIWYG is going to be enforced within reason, if you are not sure if something is appropriately represented check with me.
·        ALL MODELS WILL BE PAINTED!  I have been spending an incredible amount of time working on terrain, and models to populate the city I expect everyone playing in this campaign to have their Warband fully painted.  This includes later additions and the hiring of sell swords, so plan accordingly.
·        I will be using the Blood Pact rules, however not all Hired Swords will form such a bond with all Warbands, so check with me before making any rolls.
·        Important note on equipment: Any item that has a rarity value of 9+ and is in your warband equipment list can only be purchased without a roll at initial warband creation, this represents your warband starting out from their home, base of operations, fortress or what-not.  These items are not readily available once your warband is out adventuring, this includes later additions to the warband.
·        Rarity rolls: You may only purchase a rare item once after each game.  For example, if you make 5 rare rolls and score a 9, 8, 8, 9, 5.  You may only purchase 1 Lucky Charm, not 4.  You can choose other items, but only one of each may be
purchased after each round.  You would need to wait until after the next game to purchase a 2nd Lucky Charm.
·        Hunting Arrows MAY NOT be purchased by beginning Warbands.

The Hired Swords

·        Ogre Bodyguard
·        Halfling Scout
·        Warlock
·        Freelancer
·        Elf Ranger
·        Dwarf Troll Slayer
·        Grave Robber
·        Bard
·        Beast Hunter
·        Road Warden
·        Highwayman
·        Old Prospector
·        Human Scout
·        Runesmith Journeyman
·        Pit Fighter

Additional Notes

If there is a Hired Sword that you want to hire that is not on the list, or not normally allowed by your Warband so that we can discuss the possibilities.

I am using the equipment list from the Mordheim basic rule book.  If anyone wants to search for equipment not listed in that book, present a copy of the rules and again it will be discussed.

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