Monday, December 2, 2013

Back to Mordheim

Well last week was a nice diversion.  A dangerous thing for me, because I get caught up and after playing my Spaces Wolves for a day, I spent quite a bit of time thinking of new lists and ways of making my Wolves a bit more effective while maintaining their uniqueness.

But it was back to work on Kragensburg, and my upcoming Mordheim Campaign.
I've gotten quite a bit done since my last post, first up we have 2 new buildings.
A Chapel and a Wizards Tower, These don't actually belong to me, they belong to my friend Matt.  When I saw them on a table with no paint on them I struck a deal.  Let me paint them and use them in my upcoming campaign  boom, deal struck.  I have some more buildings for my board, and after the campaign Matt has two painted buildings for his Warhammer Fantasy Games.

Also on the building front I finally got an Email updating my order status from ArmorCast telling me my items were shipped!  It's been awhile Oct 25th in fact is when I placed the order.  I know they cast to order so take a little bit longer, but damn, I was starting to get worried.  Though I wont truly be relieved until they arrive on my doorstep.
I am waiting to see if I like the product before I place another order with them.  If I do then I'm certainly going to place another order straight away anticipating a long wait.

I have also been painting up some more people to populate my town.

Above you can see three more from Lead Adventures.  My new favorite miniature company, maybe I'm a bit biased because they are German, but that aside, the minis are great.  Nice detail, fun to paint, and it actually looks like someone cleaned the flash off of them before I get them.  Of course there is still some, but man they are clean.
These have also been great fun to paint because I have been experimenting with all sorts of different pallets of color, as the figures need not represent just one regiment or province.

Yesterday I went down to Aetherstorm Games to set up the board, and get a couple of games in, try a few board lay outs and generally get a feel for ease of transport.

I got two games in with my Reiklanders Warband against my friend Chris and his Beastmen.  We both decided to start fresh Warbands for a kind of mini Warm-up campaign to help me work out some kinks.
 Above you can see my Reiklanders getting stomped by the Beastmen, this happened to me twice yesterday!  Oh well, at the end of the day, my Warband didn't end up too badly.  Nothing really hurt but their pride (and a life or two)
By chance Les stopped by the store to get a make-up game in with a player in his current Mordheim Campaign.  After his game, he wrote up a Possessed Warband and took the fight to Chris giving my table another test run.
Here is a view of the Layout we used yesterday, quite cluttered but still lots to do, getting there, but lots to do...
I also spoke with both about the campaign, and my ideas for some of the rules I'm going to be using.  Once I get it all figured out, I'm going to take all my assorted notes and type up a game packet to go with the sign up sheets.

Some ideas were tossed around, and some of my original ideas seemed not so good, and some seemed better.  As I get closer to campaign kick off I think that the real challenge for me is going to be attempting to ensure that all players have a good time.  That means keeping the Players that are more stat and combo oriented "reeled in" while not giving too much to the "softer" in it for the campaign experience players.

In the best interest of AetherStorm I decided to increase my player cap to 12.  I don't think that it's going to effect too much as most wont be able to play in both sessiosns on Sunday anyway.

My game plan is to allow 2 games a week, these must be played on Sunday.  I will arrive at about noon each Sunday for table set up.  This will allow those who are not going to make the later session to get a game in before the main session kicks off.  The first main session will kick off at 2:00 with a projected end time of 4:00 (if it goes longer no big deal) there will then be plenty of time for a make up game until session 2 which will start around 6:00 then if time allows and I still have enough steam, another make up session after round two.

And finally we have a bit of what I have been working on.  I came across a couple of these lovelies while trying to find an empty game case for my Warbands.
The paint job is old, very old.  But I think they are good enough for campaign use.  Now to build an adventure hook around them.
Above you can see my current WIP stuff.  A couple Merchants, a guy locked up in the Stocks, and of course my baggage cart.  Have I said still lots to do?


  1. If you are in the market for leased terrian I have a witch fate tor, a graveyard of moor, and like 3 sets of fences on low walls. Just ask and you are welcome to use the stuff ted.

  2. Thanks Les, I will definitely let you know