Wednesday, December 11, 2013

The Garden of Morr, oh and a little 40k thrown in just because...

Well first I guess I should mention the 1500 point tournament last Sunday.  It really was a great day even if the turn out wasn't so good.
Once again we used the Mechanicon Rules for the missions, I really do feel this is a superior way for tournaments to score games, but that is for a post in and of itself, one which I will get to in the not so distant future.

I took my IG army this time out, my list roughly looked like this:
HQ: Co Command, Standard, 3x PG in a Chimera Transport

1st Platoon: Cmd with 4x flamers in a Chimera Transport
2x squads with Auto Cannon and Flamer
Heavy Wpns squad with Lascannons

2nd Platoon: Cmd with 4x Meltaguns in a Chimera
2x squads with Auto Cannon and Flamer
Special Weapons squad with 3x Meltaguns

Vet Squad with 3x Plasma, Vet Sgt. with Plasma Pistol
Mounted in a Valkyrie

Vet Squad with 3x Plasma, Heavy Bolter, Vet sgt with Power fist, squad has Carapace
in a Chimera Transport

2x Armored Sentinels with Plasma Cannons (separate choices)

Nothing fancy, just lots of guys some transports and 10 scoring units.

I did pretty well, defeating Plague Marines, IG, and Tau in that order and taking 1st in our mini-event.

The highlight of the day was this
What you see there is Lt. Norris (formerly Sgt Norris) fighting with a Terminator in a Challenge.  Let me just say that his promotion was NOT post humus.  
That's right folks Lt. Norris defeated this Terminator Champion with  his big scary poweraxe in a challenge!
I'm positively going to have to build a new model for this fella, or at least convert the existing model with some wargear more suited to his new rank and station...

On the Mordheim front I have been hard at work still working on the board.  I recently picked up a Garden of Morr and spent the other day getting it together.

Above you can see a couple of mock up layouts to get an idea of how the cemetery will fit in Kragensburg, I need a little something else in that open space with just the 2 trees, but haven't quite decided what yet.

Ok, now brace yourselves for what is next folks, the other day I was going through the drawers in my office just poking about for some models to use in the upcoming campaign.  Then it happened, in the deepest darkest depths of the room, I found a bag with a long forgotten Forge World kit.
It was with the excitement of a 12 year old boy on Christmas Morning that I put this model together, and this is going to be a focus point on an adventure one week in my up coming campaign.

Yes, it's the Greater Spawn
I can't wait to get this beast painted up

Be afraid people of Kragensburg, be very afraid...

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