Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Yet another Necromunda update

Good news and bad for my Gang.  After being nearly wiped out, they went on a bit of a rampage.  My settlement pulled in 2 new Juves, and one of my Gangers (an inventor) made himself a Power Weapon.  I quickly set to work building and painting the new models for Murdoc's Marauders.  Only to have them totally crushed this past Sunday.  It wouldn't have been so bad if not for us trying out the event cards.  Someone played the "Live Wire" card on my last remaining Heavy, killing him, and I also lost a Juve and a Ganger to some bad rolls.  I hated to start over, but the losses were too great to make it worth continuing.
Story-wise, Murdoc made his escape, and is recruiting new Cultists to further his cause.

Our game last week was a great one, a 5 way free-for-all (games with multiple players is quickly becoming our favorite way to play).  At the end of the day, the Cawdor gang was the only one left on the field, chasing off 2 Chaos Gangs (including mine), a Pirate Gang, and of course the ancient Sisters of Battle gang, who was eyeballing the Cawdor for some kind of mating ritual.
The Cawdor, feeling confident that all Chaos Taint had been eradicated from this area of the Under-Hive returned to their encampments, to tend to wounds and repair equipment.
After the battlefield was empty a lone figure was found to still be alive, the Chaos Magus, "Weird Al" formerly in the service of Murdoc, made his way to the Sludge River, communing with the voice he heard coming from within.  Once at the rivers bank, a figure emerged, a Greater Daemon of Nurgle.  "You have done well Al, they all fell right into our trap, plenty of corpses, Papa Nurgle is pleased.  Have you brought the tome?"  Al could only respond with a nod.  "Good" the Daemon continued, "finish the spell, and raise the dead, they yet have a part to play in the spreading of the Plague of Nurgle..."  The Daemon then sunk back into the river from whence it came, leaving Al alone in the dark, with the evil tome in his hands, surrounded by the dead who would not be dead for long....

This weeks campaign tally:
Crusade of Fire: 5
Prophets of War: 5
Servants of Ruin: 6

I re-rolled my Chaos Cultist gang, so Murdoc is ready to go again and continue to pursue his quest for immortality.
I also finished my other gang, Sinclair's Sludge Sifters
Simply painted, with just a base coat and some wash, I didn't spend a lot of time on them anticipating lots of weapon swaps, and scarring through the course of the campaign. 
I also modeled up and painted a couple of Underhive Scum for some added muscle.
The River has also been finished
In progress, I have some more scatter terrain, another apartment building and another walkway to go across the river.
Sorry about the picture quality on those last few, but it was 5 am...

We continue to have a blast with this campaign, in fact we have all now started over at some point, except for Chris and his Sisters of Battle (Escher) enclave.  Sister Superior Christina is now a high priority on my hit list.

Whats next?  well, I am planning a heavily converted Goliath Gang, and my son is working on converting a Redemptionist Gang as we speak.  Still lots to do.

I am still planning a couple full fledged batreps as soon as some of the other players get their gangs fully painted as well as a full profile showing them off on the blog here, so stay tuned.

Thanks for reading!


  1. Nice update! I really like the new gang, great builds, and interesting hired guns. Catachan medic heads??

  2. Thanks!
    Yep, Catachan Medic heads, WHFB flag bodies, and Space Marine Bolt pistol hands.

  3. From the pictures, it is a little hard to tell, but I'm curious what you are using for gantries and for the walls of your apartment blocks. They look fantastic.