Friday, February 8, 2013

Week 3, some more terrain finished, and some more WIP

Firstly, some quick notes on week 3.  I thought we would try something different.  I assigned the scenarios to each player, with each having a primary opponent.  We then set up on opposite corners and we all played in turn on the same board.
The gangs could interact with each other, attack each other, or work out temporary alliances to accomplish their missions.  This made for a very exciting game.
After that first game a couple of the players, had to leave so we broke down into a few one on one games for some fast action.
I didn't move the actual campaign forward last week, but we did tie up some loose ends, with a territory being fought over, a rescue mission attempt (which was failed by me, causing the loss of not one, but two gangers!) and the introduction of a new gang to the campaign.
My son had started anew, and built a Chaos Cult gang using the Escher rules.  He decided they would be worshipers of Khorne, and were at one time members of the Sisters of Battle Cult that belongs to Chris.  They however have been consumed by a Bloodlust and have turned to Khorne.
At the end of the first game, I almost thought all was lost for my Chaos Cultist gang.  I had lost those 2 Gangers, and yet a 3rd died in the after action.  Not wanting to give up though, I gave it another go with the remnants of my gang, which was at that point at 7 fighters, including my Chaos Mage "Wyrd Al".

At the end of the night however, after a couple of lucky games things started turning around!  I gained not one but 2 Juves from my settlement! the first two the whole campaign.  And my 2 inventors made a Ratskin map, a Grapnel, and last but certainly not least a Power Axe!  I am back in action!

Currently our campaign status is as follows"
Crusade of Fire: 4
Prophets of War: 5
Servants of Ruin: 6

Servants of Ruin have pulled ahead a little bit, but to be honest that is mostly because of Chaos vs. Chaos games.  I give them the campaign point anyway, as I figure they are causing Chaos, and furthering the goals of whichever Chaos Daemon they are serving.  Besides it suits the plot-line for Chaos to have a slight advantage at this stage of things.

Now on to some new terrain, first up we have my freshly painted Hab-block.  Its architecture is quite different from the other pieces of the board.  But that is intentional.  I am using a mixture of building styles and types on this board, and once I build my second Hab-Block, repeating the style it wont look so out of place.

 It is quite a large piece and will be a great center piece blocking some lanes of fire on our already cluttered board.
Next up we have my very WIP  Toxic River, a 3' long river of sludge...

 Above you can see some of the little details I put into it, some barrels and drowning Gangers.
Below you can see it with some paint, tonight I fill it with Water Effects from Woodland Scenics.  Hopefully it will be hard by Sunday.
I have a lot I want to get finished by Sunday, I have 6 more Zombies to put the finishing touches on as the Plague of Nurgle begins to infiltrate the ruins of the Under-Hive, and I have my 2 new Juves and a remodeled Ganger to paint.  (gotta have my shiny new Power Axe for Sunday)

Well, I'm off to work.  Gotta get that out of the way to I can get to the important stuff in life, you know, like gaming...


  1. Love the terrain man! Great stuff, especially the sewage outpour.

  2. Thanks!
    Duncan you can get the rules for free, either from a website forum called "Yakromunda" which is a great site for rules, campaign and modelling ideas. Or you could download the rules right from the Games Workshop site, in the specialist games section.

  3. Great stuff ted, I like the way you are taking the pictures getting us right into the action and seeing the details from a models perspective. well done.