Monday, March 11, 2013

The Colonial, Cold Wars, Necromunda, sooo much to talk about...

Well, it has been a couple of weeks since my last post.  Not because I haven't wanted to blog, but because I have been very busy.  No, not at work but on the hobby front for once.

Two weeks ago I attended the Colonial GT.  This is the 3rd year that Chris Nanry has owned this event, purchasing it from Matt York.  For many years this was a must attend event for WHFB players all over.  Chris however has done a wonderful job expanding the event.  This year breaking it up into two separate events.  Two weeks ago was the Warmachine and WH40k event.  (the WHFB event will take place during the Warstore Weekend the first weekend of November).
I took my Space Wolves and threw together a quick list as I haven't been playing much 40k lately being fully involved with Necromunda.
I took a soft list, with 3 Pods a couple of Razorbacks, some Scouts and LongFangs, with a mix of GreyHunters and Wolfguard leading the way.  All led by the Old Wolf himself.
Yes, I got my ass kicked.  Alllll weekend long.
Not that I really care mind ya, I specifically went with the purpose of hanging out with some old friends this weekend.  The gaming was really secondary to seeing those folks that I only get to see 2-3 times a year.
Gaming-wise the highlight of the weekend was Logan Grimnar defeating this Daemon Prince in Close Combat.
Was a great time, and I came away with 3rd best paint, and an idea for a new army that will remain top secret for now...

Last weekend, my buddy Matt and I took a day trip to Lancaster Pa. to attend Cold Wars.  What a great time.  I have said before that one day is not enough for an event like that and I am considering taking 2 or 3 days to go to Historicon this summer.
Check out the size of the dealers area!  You could spend a whole day just looking through all the gems tucked away here.

Ah, the Necromunda update.  We have had two gaming sessions since I last posted, the current campaign standings are:
Crusade of Fire: 5
Prophets of War: 6
Servants of Ruin: 7
Chaos is ahead, Plague Zombies are running amuck, and things are getting crazy!
Yesterday we played a 4 player game.  Zombies were found to be lurking around the Sludge River, and pushed the Sludge Sifters (my new gang) out of their territory, with the Cawdor hot on the heels of the Zombies, hunting them down in a Crusade of Fire, this pushed the Sludge Sifters into Sister Superior Christine's territory where her Sisters were in battle with the Brides of Chucky, a renegade group formerly of Christines band, and now worshiping Khrone.  Whew, our Multi-player games are great.
One of Sister Superiors Battle Sisters taking the high ground
The Cawdor, acting in support of their Under-Hive Scum guide, hunting Zombies!
Seems even the Sisters are not above employing some Under-Hive Scum.
Zombies seemed to be everywhere!
My new gang came out swinging, errrr, I mean shooting.
The battle was hard fought, but at the end of the day the I the Brides of Chucky were chased off by Sister Superior Christine's Battle Sisters, The Cawdor evacuated the area as well to regroup, and my Sludge Sifters managed to hold their ground, sending the Battle Sisters packing.  A victory to the Sludge Sifters and a campaign point to the Prophets of War!

Next week I hope to have my Chaos gang back up and running, but I have a thing about playing with unpainted models, so gave them the week off while I finish up 2 new models for the gang.

I have however gotten some new terrain up on the board

Above you can see my new Apartment complex, and some of the new scatter terrain I did for the board.  Still lots to do, but we are getting there.
Above you can also see the platform (landing pad) with the ruined building on top.  Playing and moving underneath it has been a pain in the ass, game play-wise.
So, I am fixing it.  I think closing off the bottom will make game play much better on our board.
Oh, one last tidbit. 
I got these babies from a company called "Litko" you can custom make game markers.  They took about 4 weeks to get, but we used them last week and found them to be much better than trying to use dice or chits, little gems ect.

Well that's it for today, (isn't that enough?)
Thanks for reading!!!



    -Brian L

  2. Those tokens look like a great idea! How much did they cost?

  3. was like 30 some odd dollars for the whole set. I got between 10-15 of each token type.
    I love em'