Saturday, March 17, 2012

What happened to my Space Wolves? (careful, some foul language follows)

Good Morning all, as I have been pouring over my Space Wolves Codex and thinking of a new list, I got to thinking of the current state of affairs this (well, not so anymore) new codex has left our Chapter in.

Truthfully, I'm sick of seeing the same lists everywhere (hell, many of these lists aren't even performing that well). I have even read on a forum where one poster said that the current Space Wolves codex lacks character. Really? that couldn't be further from the truth, obviously this person based his opinion on his observations, be it from net lists or from what he sees in his area.

Now, I've read many, many Space Wolves codex reviews, and tactical articles. I have even written a few. Today, I'm simply going to go through the Space Wolves Codex and rant a bit about my own observations.

Lets start with the HQ choices. Where the fuck did we get all these Rune Priests from, really?! what self respecting Wolf Lord lets a Rune Priest lead each and every mission?! Really? C'mon guys, grow a set and field a fucking Wolf Lord once in awhile, hell even a Wolf Priest.
I've said it before but it bears repeating here, "Rune Priests are for pussies". I should get a T shirt made, really.
I hear all the power gamers claiming it's a points sink to take a IC that costs more than a Land Raider ,Really?, until you have let your Wolf Lord loose upon a foe and enjoyed the havoc he wreaks on the battle field, you have not played Space Wolves.
You are also missing out on another great character, the Wolf Priest. Truly the unsung hero of the Space Wolves Codex. Fearless to the unit he is with and Preferred enemy? Not to mention he comes with a nice invulnerable save and power weapon. Give him a try, really.

Next we have elites. Dreadnoughts...Now picture this. A mighty Space Wolf hero lies near death on the battlefield. The Priests take his near dead body and place him into the living tomb that is a Dreadnought, so that he may continue to serve in the name of Russ and the All Father. Good shit right? oh, and by the way, "here take this pair of twin linked auto cannons. I know you could have this badass power fist, but nah..."Really?!
What a kick in the nuts. Riflemen dreads are for those homo Grey Knights, not a Son of Russ. I don't care what missile weapon you take, but I just can't see any of the Dreadnoughts in my Great Company giving up his Close Combat weapon everrrrr. Really.

Wolf Guard, each one a character in his own right. Yet the only wargear available from an entire page of shit seems to be the Combi-MG and Powerfist, really?. Lets get a little imagination shall we and mix up the gear a little bit. "Oh, but that wouldn't be the optimal selection" is the whine I hear. Again, bull shit. Learn to play, and you won't need to crunch numbers so much.

Wolf Scouts, well a mixed bag here. Some people take them some don't. Perfect. See I'm not bitching about everything...

the Iron Priest, another unsung hero. I personally use one, but like the Techpriest of the basic Codex, he is strictly a choice for flavor, which is really what this article is about. So, if you take the "Iron Wolf" as your badge, you had best take one.

Lone Wolf, that's what he is a Lone Wolf. Taking 3 doesn't make him such a loner anymore does it, no now it's just a threes company rerun, really.

Grey Hunters vs. Blood Claws. I know what you all say. "Grey Hunters are great, Blood Claws suck, blah, blah." Again, grow a set of balls, and take a pack. Give them a pack leader, put them in a rhino and point them at the enemy. If you are playing them properly, and your army is well balanced, you wont be sorry. People don't seem to get that they perform a different role from the Grey Hunter. Believe me when I tell you, that most of the time you hardly notice the lower BS/WS.
And while we are at it, lets discuss Razorback spam. Spam is a fucking fake meat.

Don't spam Razorbacks, I'm not talking about one, two, or even three, but 9 is definitely out...

Fast attack, there are choices other than Land Speeders and the occasional Thunderwolf. Contrary to what other Wolf Lords believe, Blood Claw Bikers do not suck, they just take skill to use. Learn to ride, and take some. They are cheap (compared to many other units, and can fill a multitude of roles)

Heavy Support, I know Long Fangs are good, they are too good in fact. Stop using guys that are so old that they need crutches as crutches. What happened that all of the sudden, the fucking Long Fangs out number the Blood Claws anyways? Have we stopped recruiting? or maybe certain Wolf Lords have stopped going to battle, and their men are growing old and weak. One pack is fine, but three is just ridiculous. Get stuck in, stop trying to play like a Guardsman.

I'm sure there is more I can bitch about, but I'm as tired as bitching as you are of reading this nonsense.
At the end of the day, you can play as you wish, they are your models. But, if you are stuck in the same ole rut of taking "net lists for the win" then you are truly missing out on what the Space Wolves codex really has to offer in terms of gaming, painting and modelling.


  1. I agree though I do love me some rune priests. Not because they are efficent but my wolves are a little more norse then some. I am currently running a Blood claws pack with 8 to a rhino with a dual powerfist wielding Wolf guard and a Wolf Priest. Last time I played they were so much fun I am going to run two.

  2. You have no idea how refreshing and reassuring it is to see someone else thinks this to! I put things on forums for advice on how to use things and get slated for not using the same dull, characterless, net optimised list that everyone else seems to want to run which isn't helpful for a newbie.

  3. Thanks guys, I thought I would take advantage of this being my own blog and express myself a little bit, where I have to refrain from being so expressive on other forums.

  4. As already mentioned, very refreshing and inspiring.

    What I hate is when you try to get advice about running an "unpopular" unit or list, and you get nothing but "this wont work" and "those units suck/take these, they are better" comments.

    Please continue to be the shining light in the darkness of the boring space wolves lists.

  5. Just found this and sir, you made my day. I'm stuck in a very competitive 40k club (which I'm thankfully getting out of) and so many of tehse are familiar. I'm taking Wolf guard with frost axes adn storm shields, sheerly becasue they look awsome doing so. Thanks, mate.

  6. completly agree why pay for your army of awsume individual space wolves and make them look like wallmart marines