Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Colonial GT Army, some pregame pictures of the Space Wolves

Well, I touched up my display base a little bit, nothing fancy, just added a little more flock and fixed some chipped paint on the rocks

Then I touched up some chipped paint on the Grey Hunters, and I think I'm all set.

Above you can see my army on the display board, I know that's a very old Predator, but I love it.
Next we have the Blood Claws

Their Wolf Guard has an odd assortment of equipment, carrying a Storm Bolter and Power Fist, but the model looks cool, and as I said in another post on my blog, I'm sick of seeing the same thing over and over.

Logan Grimnar and the Wolf Guard Terminator Pack. The Terminators are usually entrusted with important missions without Logan's presence, though I do try to keep him close enough to support if needed with his "Aura" abilities

Logan's Drinking buddies, don't ever underestimate the power of five Heavy Bolter with either relentless or tank hunter...

The Wolf Scouts, I know they are over equipped and undermanned but they roll with the big guy, they should have the best equipment.

Well there she is, Battle Reports are sure to follow, either here on my Blog or on the B&C.


  1. No ML spam, Rifleman Dreads and including Blood Claws. Surely this is doomed to fail.

    Don't forget to laugh when dispatching those xenos and heretics ;-)

  2. A loud and boisterous laugh at that!

  3. Looking awesome Ted, I've got a tourney coming up in July where it will be pretty laid back and heavily comped so I'm looking at painting up some Blood Claws and a huge Terminator unit.

  4. I love all your lists bitz. I admire your willingness to try new things, and keep your wolves unique. You are surely an inspiration to your fellow wolves.

    Please let us know how this list does, either here or on B&C.