Monday, March 26, 2012

The Return of "Frik and Frak" my Space Wolf Dreadnoughts...

Many, many years ago, in the early days of the 2nd edition, I always ran a pair of Dreadnoughts. They were the Rogue Trader era "Chucky" Dreads as we used to call them, I had converted their weapons to carry some huge guns from an old plastic Titan kit, and they were ugly. But man, they were bad-ass.

Now, I have run Dreads in my army since. With my 3rd edition Codex days there were many a battle when a Venerable Dread would be commander of my forces. and in my Drop Pod armies I would frequently field 2 Dreads.

And, even now in 5th I find good ole' Wolf Lord Jon in his Dreadnought casing stopming across the battlefield, along with his sidekick Jori Sureclaw.

However, they are not Frik and Frak. Recently when I decided to make the changes to my list and change my Dreadnought loadouts, I could have easily just made new weapon arms for my existing Dreads.

But I decided to have the Iron Priests awaken Frik and Frak once more and call them into the service of the Great Wolf once again.

So I converted some Auto Cannon arms from the Lascannon arms, using Imperial Guard bits, and built two new Dreadnoughts.

You can see that once again I have taken short cuts with the painting. I don't know if I am just getting lazy, or just enjoy using Army Painter. But regardless of the reason, I can get things painted quickly and to a "good" effect.

I did have to get these two done quickly as the Tournament is this coming weekend, so I kept conversion work at a minimum, and didn't add a whole lot of Space Wolfy embellishments to the models, I even cheated and used some water slide transfers, I haven't used them in years. But, I figured what the hell.

Now all that is left to do is clean up some chipped paint, and repair and add a couple of small details to my good ole' display board and I'm ready to go.

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