Sunday, February 5, 2012

A few shots that look a bit better, (I hope...)

Wow, sorry those pictures in my last post turned out so bad, I knew they weren't that good when I took them but didn't realize just how bad they were until I saw them posted.

Hopefully these are a little better.

Above, once again we have a few shots of my "Blood Father" for our Mordheim Campaign. I also think he is going to pull double duty, acting as the Unit Champion for my Warriors unit. I think you can see the sculpting work better in these pictures, to give you a better idea of the look I'm going for with my Warriors. I really find the current GW Warriors to be too static, each warrior is a devastating Warrior and servant of Chaos and should be an individual with trophies and what-not. It's going to be quite a bit of work, but in the end I'm hoping it's worth the effort.

Next up we have my "Meduim" Cavalry unit. Marauder Horsemen, with Light Armor, Shields, and Spears. A unit of 10 with full Command, should be able to pack a little punch and be great for supporting the Charge of my Chaos Knights unit.

Below you can see my test model for my Marauder Horsemen, I am using the same limited color palette that I used for my Marauders, even on the horses. This does a couple of things for me, 1. I can paint the army quickly and 2. I think it pulls the army together, I have been attempting to really go to town, modelling each warrior in this Warband as an individual, and I feel the unified paint scheme is the one thing that will tie the whole lot together.

Here is a detail shot, everyone gets eyes painted in this army. Not so hard really with practice.

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