Thursday, June 30, 2011

More Logan Grimnar WIP, and an experiment in terrain building

Well, work on Logan Grimnar has been progressing, I am quite happy with him at this point, and am excited to get him painted so I can start getting some games in with him.
Above you can see a close up shot of the sculpting of his hair and beard. I really took my time with this, and though it's not perfect, I do think it is my best sculpting attempt yet.
Above you can see a WIP picture of Logan's base, I have since added some shell casings to the base.
Here we have 2 of my Long Fangs, 3 more Heavy Bolter guys to put together.
Here is a side shot of an experiment in terrain building that I attempted. I like the technique, it is quite simple, and I am happy with the end result.
Please note that this terrain piece is a just a "trial run" to see if I like the technique, which I do. I will take more care in the planning of the next terrain piece I build, and put more details on it as well.
Here is a shot of it with some models on it to give you an idea of scale, and of how it will look on a game table.

By the time you guys read this I will have some paint on the Old Wolf, and will have started another piece of terrain.
A tutorial on how I am building my terrain is coming soon.

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  1. nice job on all parts, really solid work on the green stuffing, I had no idea you worked with putty alot.