Friday, June 3, 2011

Finally an update...

Well I finally got some work done on my new Space Wolf project, I would have posted an update earlier, but my PC has gone down. So here I am on my Son's Apple. Above you can see the latest addition to my new army, the Grey Hunter with Wolf Standard.
Above is a full view, some of my other finished models are visible here as well.
Here we have a WIP of a Long Fang, there is still much "green stuffing" (grey stuff?) to be done, but you can start to see the look I am going for.
Here we have a Long Fang toting his Heavy Bolter, I still need to add some wolfy bits to him, but I am pretty satisfied with his hair and beard.

Here is a close up shot of the Green Stuff work I did on this model.
Well, that's about all I have new thats worth showing at the moment. I have started to base coat the rest of the first Grey Hunters Pack and hope to have the entire pack completed very soon.
Once I get these Long Fangs assembled I am going to start to convert Logan Grimnar himself so that I can start to get some games in using the "Old Wolf"


  1. more great work, very nice green/grey stuff on the long fangs. Forgot to ask, is the shirtless grey hunter a marauder body?

  2. Thanks!
    Yes that is a Marauder body on that Grey Hunter Wulfen...