Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Working on the "Big Guy", and a new Grey Hunter joins the ranks...

Above we have the latest completed Grey Hunter to join my growing Grey Hunter Pack. All of the other members of the pack have paint on them on some level, so I hope to make some real progress on this pack and get them finished so I can start to work on their Rhino Transport.
Above and below we have a couple of pictures of my version of Logan Grimnar himself. I have finished sculpting the hair, and am ready to begin work on the beard. I am quite happy with how he is coming along so far. I am really taking my time on the sculpting portion of this project as I really want to get him right, and I tend to rush when a project involves a lot of putty work.

You can see in the photos the large variety of bits I am using for this project. I actually have to buy another box of Space Wolf Terminators, as I don't have the legs I want to use for this model in my bits box (believe it or not).

I still haven't finalized the list for this project, but am not too concerned as long as in the end it looks cool and is fun to play. I have also been toying with a more competitive list for Space Wolves but that is quite a bit away yet, unless of course I change gears in the middle of this project (that wouldn't be the first time)

I have also recently done some experimenting with a terrain project I am working on. I haven't taken any pictures yet, but will get some up soon, hopefully with a little "how to" attached.

On a personal level, things still haven't slowed down. Working 7 days a week is starting to take its toll on me, and with Graduations, kid's concerts, recitals, anniversaries, birthdays... whew, I'm exhausted.
Soon though, my summer break starts, and I am going to kick things on the hobby front into high gear, and boy am I ready...

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