Saturday, May 21, 2011

Man cannot live on 40k alone, AKA a visit to Mordheim

Well, I must say, that work has been crazy, and with Proms, Concerts, Dance Competitions, and me picking up a second job my hobby time has been extremely limited.
Luckily for me a few friends of mine started a Mordheim Campaign, so I dusted off my old Warband and into the depths of Mordheim I went. The adventures of Captain Kallilor continue!

Above you can see my old Warband, a group of Reiklanders which also doubled for a unit of Huntsmen in my old Empire army. I painted them a long while ago, but boy am I glad I kept them for just such occasions.

You can see above, that I went for numbers with limited equipment to start. I also really wanted to take advantage of the bonus to BS that Marksmen get so all of my Henchman are Marksmen.

Lets take a closer look at the members of Captain Kallilor's "Long Shots"

Center we have the good Captain himself, he is equipped with a Long Bow, Sword, and Dagger, and his hat is reinforced. He does suffer from an Old Battle Wound so occasionally misses a fight, but has a BS 5, and Quick Shot so is deadly with his bow. The feathers in his cap are his Lucky Charm and he never goes to battle without them.
To his left is Cpl Jonas and to his right Sgt. Armstrong who was so badly injured last evening that he has to rest awhile at the Inn and not partake in the Warbands next outing.

Above we have "Armstrong's Strong-arms" With a S4 they are helpful in the inevitable Close Quarters combat of Mordheim, and when forced into close combat they drop their bows and fight with sword and dagger. I have recently added a 3rd henchman to this group (he isn't painted yet, but is pictured below with the new group shot)

Cpl. Jonas' Squad of Marksmen, the "Broken Bows" these deadly marksmen hold my line with a BS of 5 they account for more kills than anyone else in the Warband.

The Young Bloods, "Fred and Charlie" (named after the two fighters from Fineous Fingers for you old Dragon Magazine readers) With Quickshot and more guts than brains these two are good for 2 things...1. getting themselves taken out of action and 2. wasting a lot of arrows.

My Warband has been doing me proud, and I have quickly swelled my ranks. Instead of upgrading Wargear, I have been adding as many new warriors as I can afford.

Above is a shot of my Warband as it currently stands. You can see that I have added a Wizard who has, you guessed it, "The Silver Arrows of Arha"
I managed to add one warrior to one of my Henchman Groups, Hired an Engineer with a Hochland Longrifle (a special character for this particular campaign) I bought a pair of Wardogs for some close combat support (who have taken a liking to Ogre meat) and of course my Freelance Knight "Sir Godfrie the Cowardly" who stood frozen and failed to charge the Ogre Warband on at least 3 occasions (failing his fear check every time)

Below I have one last shot, a picture of the guy who started it all many, many years ago back when Mordheim was just a series of White Dwarf articles I present the original Captain Kallilor

Well that's about it for now, I am hard at work painting my first Grey Hunters pack for my 2011 Space Wolf project and I promise I will have some updates on that project soon...


  1. Will Millar was telling me about this super effective warband. Hear that you are really tearing shit up.

  2. I agree that my Warband can be very effective. I am going for a very strong theme however, so the Warband's effectiveness is a nice bonus.

    I have to admit here that much of that last game, (Yes, I did take out 5 other Warbands) much of it was luck. My shooting was crazy!

    I lost Friday to Les Hedley's Ogres. But it was close. I just happened to route before him.

    I think I'm adding a Road Warden next...

  3. Oh by the way Ted make it out to Jesters on sunday and play in the 1250 tournament, I am tired of winning all of them without trying!

  4. I really wish I could, I really have been trying to get up there, but I recently picked up a second job, so am currently working the weekends. (gotta pay for Chucky's college ya know)

  5. Don't worry Robby, I took care of the winning for you. -Brad.