Friday, April 15, 2011

More on the Colonial GT (game 1)

Above we have Nick Nanavati's (sorry if I butchered the spelling here) Daemons Army. Let me just say that Nick is a great kid, and has been hitting the circuit for a couple of years now. I had the pleasure of facing Nick my first game at the Colonial.

I don't really know how to explain the level of ass whooping I took this game. Let me start by saying Nick gave me first turn.

I took this turn to consolidate my position, attempt to secure objectives early and open up lanes of fire, while keeping my army in a position that my units could all support one another.

In his turn, the army half he chose comes in, with a minimal amount of shooting he passes the turn. I attempt to concentrate my fire on the units I feel are most dangerous. I whittle one of the Bloodletter units down to just a few models. I think I attempted an assault here, but failed to make the distance through difficult terrain.

In Nick's 2nd turn he begins rolling for reserves. EVERYTHING comes in, did you see the picture above?! wow, suddenly I'm surrounded.

The game then became a situation where I was trying to keep my Land Raiders alive and moving so that I could capture, or contest objectives. This effort became futile against the massive swarm of Daemons that took over this planet that was being defended by just a handful of DeathWing.

1st game was over, and I was crushed...
Fun game though, and a great kid. I would play Nick anytime, and am looking forward to a rematch.

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