Saturday, April 16, 2011

Colonial GT (all the rest of the stuff...)

Above you can see my army (again I know) this time with the objective markers I took. I kept it simple, and just used my old ones from my "Empire" themed IG army.
Here is an action shot from my first turn against Nick, even this early in the game things are looking scary.
Captain Vindicis, surrounded but refusing to fall, this last stand looked to me like something from a movie scene.
Above you can see Chris's Blood Angels (Jawaballs) fantastic army, and a really super display
A dark shot, but I tried to get a close up of his Venny.
Above we have the Daemons of Ashley, from game 2. Yes, I fought another Daemons army. This was a wonderful game against a lovely young lady who was playing in her first GT and came along with her husband. (who was many tables higher in the brackets than either of us).
Even though I scored very high in this game with Battle points the game was much closer than the points indicated, with it coming down to the very last couple of turns.

And yes, it just gets better and better... Game 3 is against Tyranids. I forget the young mans name, nice fella and a good gamer. Spanked me good. He had these flying bone sword guys that just killed everything they touched. I was loosing Terminator squads before they could even swing.
This was actually my last opponents army, a really cool Dark Eldar force. This game ended in a tie, and was one of my favorite over the weekend. Again with everything coming down to the last turn.
Sadly the pictures I took of my friend Ronen's army didn't turn out. It was very dark in the hall, and about half of my pictures you can barely even see. Ronen fielded a fantastic Blood Angels list, and was probably my favorite opponent from the weekend. I have known him for quite a long time from various events I have attended, and I finally got to face him on the battlefield. Great game.

Over-all a fantastic weekend. for some more coverage of the events you can check out my follow list in my side bar. Jawaballs, and Stout Smurf both have coverage on their blogs.

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