Thursday, March 31, 2011

Important Campaign Rules Change

Games can now be played at any points level, this points level must be agreed upon by both players.

Also the Normal Force Organization chart is now in effect.

All other adjustments to Force Organization and bonus points still apply as per our standard campaign rules.

After tonight's games, "The Hive City Siege" Rule will come into effect when we take our map moves tonight.

Hive City Siege: Multiple players may challenge the same Hive City, forming a temporary alliance. Decide upon a points value for the game, just for example 1500 points.
You can then add the bonuses of the most powerful player in the multi-player alliance and add his bonuses for points to you attacking points total.
Divide the number of points by the number of attackers evenly, then each player uses his own bonuses for additional Force Organization choices.

The defending player builds his list as normal.
The defending player also gains the following bonuses at no additional points cost: Cluster Mines (as per the Space Marine Scout Biker entry) and Bolster Defenses (as per the Tech Marine entry)

If the Attackers win (choose one)
1. Plunder and Raze (split the spoils, divide the bonus resources gained by the hive city and add them to your roster sheet) The Hive City then becomes unoccupied and up for grabs
2. Make a deal amongst the winners, anything goes here, from forming an alliance to giving up territories.
3. Fight for it. The talks don't go well, and fighting erupts. Your HQs do battle, and to the last man standing go the spoils.

If the Defending player wins. He gets one blank tile from each of the attackers. Because of the resources required to set up a siege however the following additional bonus is gained: When securing the recently gained territories and looting the camps useful Wargear was found, each territory provides 20 points (for a total of 60) which can only be used towards Unit upgrades, Wargear, and/or Dedicated Transports.

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