Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The World in which we will live, die and fight...

Above we have a picture of the World Map. Not to worry, if we decide it is to small on Game Day, then we will just add Rich's Campaign Tile map as well, and fight over 2 planets!

One of two Hive Cities on the Planet

One of the Space Ports

A Bastion which will be used when fighting over Command Center Tiles

Above is a Power Plant.

And here we have some Dangerous looking Plants, which could be used on Tyranid Tiles to represent a Power Plant, Shield Generator, ect.

I also have one of these, I'm thinking of putting the Terrain together for the Hive City Battles. So much to do.

I would also like to encourage any of you that are going to be playing in the campaign to go ahead and build a special terrain piece to fight over, objective markers, and the map tile markers (this last one will be required). These will all add flavor to the campaign, and add to the story.

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  1. This is all really cool! I will have to go rummaging my bits box to make some marks and objectives for my witch hunters.