Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Pre-Game

Alright, in preparation for the campaign I will be at Jester's Playhouse this Sunday (01-30).

I will be bringing some terrain projects to work on for the campaign, as well as a 500 point army for some fun games.

So, if you want to get warmed up, paint some miniatures for the campaign, or help me work on some of the themed terrain projects then meet me at Jester's at about 1:00 pm. I will probably stay till about 6:00 pm or so.

Hope to see you there!


  1. Since I am an extreme geek who has to name the leader of all my armies and give him a back-story: I present to you my Dark Eldar Archon, slayer of all things Grey Knight related. (take it easy on me, I'm not an author, this is just a quick, thrown together, backstory just for the hell of it.)

    Archon Domneir Vikkar - Pirate Lord of the Poisoned Wind Fleet - Popular Pervayor of Piratically Purchased Poisons and Perilous Paraphanelia

    The port distract of Shaa'dom never slept. A constant stream of pirate fleets, smugglers, slave ships and worse flowed into and out of the loading docks endlessly. All manner of people and product could be hired or purchased on the streets of this most dispicable of astral harbors, and the cruelest of Dark Eldar prowled it's shadowed alleys. This is where Archon Vikkar's story begins. As a lowely street urchin, Vikkar quickly learned the value of blending in, remaining unnoticed and keeping strange abilities to one's self. Gifted with the rare ability of foresight, Vikkar quickly rose in power, but always in the someone else's shadow, pulling their strings as a puppet and leaving all the risk upon their shoulders. Joining real-space raids he foresaw would be successful and avoiding all connections he knew to be doomed, Vikkar eventually established himself as a Sybarite of the prestigous Astral Wind Armada, who soon became reknowned for their uncanny ability to be in the right place at the right time.

    It was around this time that the self proclaimed leader of Shaa'dom, Archon El'uriaq, openly challenged Asdrubel Vect of Commargh for power. It didn't take a prophet to see the folly in this move, but the Kabal's of Shaa'dom were proud and arrogant, believing fully in their supremacy. Foreseeing the devastating attack Vect would soon launch on his home, Vikkar settled on his course of action, he would leave Shaa'dom and it's doomed people to their fate. As Archon El'uriaq consolidated his power, recalling all fleets in preperation for the coming battle, Vikkar gathered his most loyal associates and made good their escape in the commotion of the overflowing harbors. Shortly after their Raiders and Venoms entered real-space through a warp-gate, Vect's retribution against Shaa'dom began, leaving the once grand web-way port in smoldering rubble.

    Since then, Vikkar has claimed the title of Archon of his newly formed Kabal, The Poisoned Wind. Though small in numbers, he has led them to great success through the smuggling of drugs, weapons and slaves to his many human connections through-out realspace. He has reaped great sums while supplying the corrupt aristocricy of the Imperium with rare Dark Eldar drugs and tools of debauchery and has become a master of quietly entering and swiftly exiting these systems and planets. Over time, more and more renegade fleets have joined in under his banner and soon he will be a powerful force, perhaps one day returning to the web-way to reclaim his lost city of Shaa'dom.

  2. Inquisitor Covenant is not concerned with filthy Xenos, that is for the Deathwatch to handle, but if they get in the way, the Left Hand of the Emperor will crush them into corpse starch. Following the crushing of a Chaos uprising in the Calixes Sector, Junior Inquisitor Covenant has been assigned to seek out the Great Enemy elsewhere. Assigned a contingent of Grey Knights and taking his most trusted acolytes with him, he seeks the tainted spawn of the Dark Powers. Rumor has it, the Ordo Xenos Inquisitor Buckwalter had been assigned to this sector as well. Though they have worked together in the past, Buckwalter's time on the thrice accursed Mara might have corrupted even a mighty servant of the Emperor and therefore a close eye must be kept on him for the taint of Chaos. Enemies of the Emperor lie everywhere, vigilance is the only defense!

  3. By the Great Wolf, we will have justice! The Ordo Malleus has gone too far. My Great Company has witnessed the foul and corrupt practices of these so-called inquisitors and their heedless destruction of billions of innocent lives. Our scouts report of three entire planets virus bombed for the sake of twelve cultists of little consequence. Twelve cultists easily capable of being cleansed and purified if the Ordos Malleus had but only asked for one of our Brothers.

    Our means to deal with this Inquisitorial cancer have been greatly hampered. Though we traveled freely through this star system before, now we are cut off from the rest of our Chapter by Xenos scum. It is no coincidence that we are now beset on all sides immediately after witnessing the madness of this sector's Inquisition. It seems even the Imperial Guard has been corupted against us.

    As Wolf Lord and servant to the High King, I will shed a purifying light on Inquisitor Covenant, and perhaps Inquisitor Buckwalter if I find he is behind this warp-tainted treachery as well. Our High King shall hear of this treachery against the Sons of Russ. The High Lords of Terra will know of the Ordo Malleus' treachery against mankind. And the Ministorum will be enlightened to the daemonic means by which these Inquisitors enforce power.

    We are the Sons of Russ, vassals to the High King, and honorable beyond reproach! If our way is shut, so be it! We shall arrest the control of each planet in each solar system that bars our path to justice! For we shall either expose the Ordo Malleus for its Daemonic alliegences, or execute each of its members on our path to do so!!!

  4. By the way, that was a request to enter the tournament. :-)